5 Reasons Why Your Business May Need a Panic Button

World economies are buzzing rapidly and those that weren’t one in the past decade have now become one. While this is a great news in the face of world progress it brings forth some horrific facts of the section of society that’s being crushed under its burden. No matter the cause, these pose a direct threat to your business’ safety and it is your job to ensure it in the best possible way you can. Security systems including alarms and surveillance have found their way into most businesses but are these as efficient as what a panic button could do for you? Let’s take a look at how a panic button is a sheer necessity in today’s unpredictable world.

Security Alarm1. Safety at Workplace

Needless to say, the first and foremost reason we would install a panic button is for the safety of employees and anyone present at the office. It is a much faster way to reach for help than having to take out your phone and dial numbers. All you have to do is just reach for the button and gently press it. It reduces the chances of panicking as most employees are aware of the feature and in case of an unfortunate event will all have a shared motif of reaching out for the button and will not stay confused about what they should be doing about it.

2. Versatile and Reliable

While most offices have CCTV surveillance and hard-wired alarm systems, they find the inclusion of panic button unnecessary. They certainly are the most versatile and reliable source for ensuring your safety. How many times have you predicted a threat by monitoring on the CCTV and prevented it from happening? This proves that the threats which cannot be predicted should at least have quick solutions to it and panic button is the answer to that very question. CCTV does help later on to assess the situation and take precautionary steps for future regards.

3. They are Moderately Priced

Remember installing the surveillance system in your office with a quick alarm system? Yes, that was a smart investment but here’s a cheaper and more efficient investment. Panic buttons are fairly priced and will not a burn hole in your pockets. Monetary decisions are always towards the worthiness of a product and that’s exactly what a panic button aims to fulfil for you. Prioritise your safety actions and take decisions accordingly.

4. Loud or Silent Buttons

This is something you will have to put a thought into to decide which suits your workplace the best. If you are more likely to witness a crime that could include weapons, it is advisable you install systems which do not panic the attackers. That might lead to them using the weapon and causing harm to anyone present at the office. Consulting a security expert would be the best option in this case and whatever fits your environment the best should be chosen without much hesitation as there is nothing more important than your security.

5. Increased Work Efficiency

If you are wondering how is this a benefit of a safety feature? It definitely is an integral part of the mindset of your employees. Knowing that they are working in a safe environment is an important factor when it comes to increased concentration and focuses on work. When your employees feel safe they are likely to spend more time to finish their work rather than worrying about getting home at the earliest fearing the risks involved in the workplace. They will also find their importance in such case and will trust you as their employer and will try to give their best.

It is not just your duty to ensure safety at your workplace but it is also your ethical persona to do so. When having to do so, the solution is to go with the best option available and there’s nothing better than panic buttons to make sure your business is a safe haven for its employees and customers.



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