5 Different Types Of Blog Posts To Write To Make Affiliate Sales

Something I get asked a lot by newbie online marketers at Wealthy Affiliate is what to write about to make affiliate sales. Initially it takes a bit of time to grasp how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing is not always a hard sell, in fact I am not a fan of being a hard seller and pushing products on people. For me blogging is about writing and about helping people with problems they may be having, whether that be on this website where I share the things I have learned about online marketing, on my parenting website where I share parenting tips or my addiction website where I share my story of recovery.

So always keep that in mind when you are writing your blog posts. If you can try and put making money out of your head and focus on writing articles that help people there is always a way to monetize your article and you will be more genuine when you do this.

So on that note here is a list of the types of blog posts that I like to write on my parenting website which is my main business:

5 Different Types Of Blog Posts To Make Affiliate Sales

Product Reviews

I will get this one of the way first since it is the most obvious and the one that many bloggers put most if not all of their focus on. This is when you choose a product and you write a blog post sharing the pros, cons, features, pricing and other information about a specific type of product. This can convert nicely to sales since you are focusing on one product and your readers most likely trust your judgement since they are following you.

One nice thing about product reviews is that when you get search traffic to your review it is someone that is already interested in the product. If you don’t like the product and you write a negative review you can recommend a product that you do like and if you do like the product your readers can buy that product through your affiliate link.

Here is an example of a product review post:

SendPulse Review – Simpler, Cheaper and More Powerful

Product Comparisons

These are great blog posts to write for affiliate marketing – when you get search traffic to one of these types of blog posts your readers is almost set to buy one of these products anyway and you can link to both from your post.

For this type of post it is almost like reviewing both products with an emphasis of comparing all the features they have to offer so that your reader can see how they compare with quality, with features, pricing and more. Through your knowledge you are helping your reader decide which one they want to buy.

Here is an example of a product comparison post for you to check out:

Stokke Xplory VS Bugaboo Cameleon 

Laptop Coffee Cup Featured

Provide A Solution

These types of blog posts are my absolute favorite simply because they really provide value to my readers and I enjoy researching and writing these types of posts. The bonus is that these are usually the posts that get shared socially and get a good amount of engagement on them. The beauty of these kinds of posts is that you can get really create and fun with your writing.

Creating these posts is simple – think about a problem your readers may be having and write a post to help them solve that problem. In doing so you can recommend products that will help them.

Here is an example of a post providing solutions to parents that have a child scared of the dark:

7 Effective Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Of The Dark 

Lists Blog Post

These are also great posts and something that I like to include on my blog regularly. Once again you can get quite creative here and you can include links to a number of different products within list blog posts.

The sky is the limit to what you can do here, and to give your brain a kick start here are some topics you could cover but tweak to suit your niche and your needs:

  • 10 Best Books For Helping Your Child Overcome Fear Of The Dark
  • My 10 Favorite Books/ Blogs/ Films/ Outfits From 2017
  • 10 Best Kids/ Animation/ Drama/ Horror/ Comedy/ Romance/ Chick Flick Films
  • 10 Best Strategy/ General Knowledge/ Word  Board Games For Kids/ Adults/ Family
  • 10 Online Marketing Tools To Grow Your Blog
  • 10 Things To Pack When Camping With Kids
  • 10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Giving Birth
  • 10 Best Birthday Presents For Kids/ Girls/ Boys/ 10 Year Olds/ Moms/ Dads/ Mompreneurs

Recipes and How To Posts

Recipes are great because you can add affiliate links for the ingredients. You don’t have to limit recipes to food either  – you can do home remedies, bath products, make your own beauty products and more.

You can also do blog posts showing people how to do things such as doing arts and crafts and link to all the things needed. If you are an online marketer you can also do how to posts showing people how to do keyword research for example and then link to and recommend the awesome keyword tool you use or perhaps the place where you learn how to do online marketing and pick up the skills that you need to learn to make money online.

And yes I’m going to throw it out here because is it so awesome – if you really want to learn how to make money online I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates Premium membership at $49 a month.

There are so many ways to write awesome blog posts for your readers that will be so much more interesting than just writing product review after product review. Play around on your website and try out a few different methods – you will soon find out which one you really love doing and which ones your readers love. Chances are the ones you love writing the most will be the ones your readers will love too. When you enjoy writing it shines through and captivates your audience.

I hope you have found this article helpful and that it has given you some insight into some of the different types of blog posts you can write to make affiliate sales.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have been doing this for 6 months but the biggest issue is trying to get more traffic. I have only tried the reviews so far but I will definitely try these 4 other type blog posts as well. Many thanks for helping me out with these other ways to write articles – I will try them next week! Thanks again, much appreciated

    • Justin traffic does take time unfortunately – especially if you are wanting to grow your organic traffic which is what we are all ultimately after. Review type posts are nice but if you share posts that give people solutions on social media you will find yourself getting a lot more traffic in! 

  2. Hi Lynne!

    Thank you so much for posting this article. Now I have a different perspective on how to filter and present my future topics.
    I am new to affiliate marketing and always work on improving my writing style and bringing variety in my articles.
    You did help me out, and your advice is more than helpful.
    Do you think, if I integrate many distinct ways of blog posts it will help my website growing?
    I ask because you have written, we should check what kind of posts our customers AND we like the most and write those.

    All the best

    • Johann I write all of them and I find this works best for me because it will capture the interests of a wider audience. In addition to that you can interlink your posts beautifully. So you can review 10 products and then write a top 10 post with all of those products and link them to your reviews. You can take it even further and compare each of the products against each other. So it doesn’t have to either or, you can mix it up and really have get into it 🙂

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