5 Advantages Of Using The Cloud For Small Businesses


Wondering whether to move to the cloud storage system? Then stick with us; we can guarantee that out of all the advantages mentioned below, and three will be able to convince you to do so.

Today, there is a whole industry revolving around cloud technology. More than 80% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one way or another.

Store in cloud5 Advantages of using the Cloud for small businesses


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is nothing but computing with the help of the internet. In the past, people used to run applications and programs downloaded on physical computers. However, with cloud computing technology, people can now do the same with the internet connection.

Today everything is supported by cloud computing. For insurance, when you update your Instagram photos, your images are stored on the cloud storage. This is the reason why you can see them anytime.

Cloud technology is not only limited to private sectors only. The central government is also using it to store their information. For insurance, banking sectors use it to store all their client data. This is the reason why with just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can see your banking details.

How Cloud Storage Works?

Cloud storage work by storing data on a network formed on remote servers. The best part of cloud computing is that it can be managed, maintained, and accessed remotely. Data stored in the cloud can be easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Despite being so flexible with the accessibility, it is quite safe and secure.

Advantages Of Using Cloud

Using Cloud technology is becoming now a norm for every industry. In fact, small businesses are using it to reduce all the costs that would have been spent on expensive equipment and IT teams to maintain a data center.

Here we have enumerated some of the advantages that it brings for the small scale businesses.

Files saved cloud storage

  1. Cost Savings

The first benefit, or perhaps the most important one if you see it from a business perspective, is that it gives you a cost advantage over the traditional methods. The cost of Cloud computing is probably more affordable than the traditional methods because the service provider distributes the cost among several other businesses.

Moving your business to the cloud might be the best thing in 2020. As it eliminates the hardware cost, maintenance cost, and monthly salary of the IT team required to maintain the data center.

  1. Convenient

With the Cloud service, you need a computer system and internet connection. You will not be required to have all the hardware setup and IT team to cater to the physical storage system. With cloud storage, you can eliminate the physical storage necessities and employee attention.

Once you have outsourced cloud storage services, you have to pay the monthly services fees. All the other work, like maintenance, management, and support, will be provided by the third party providing the cloud services.

  1. Enhanced Security

Instead of having a physical storage system and having a team to maintain the data center’s security, you can have cloud services and enjoy enterprise-level security.
With cloud-based services, there is no single point access to your data. There are multiple servers supporting cloud computing; hence, you can rest assured about your data’s safety.

  1. Highly Mobile

The mobility of the Cloud system is significantly affecting businesses of every size. In today’s digitalization world, where people love to connect with everything around them, Cloud computing is helping the employees communicate with the data 24X7.

The best thing that cloud technology has given us is the flexibility to work from anywhere in work and from any device. This has helped the content keep itself updated. You do not have to keep updating the data every time.

  1. Scalable Services

In the traditional methods, whenever there was a need for storage, you would have to purchase expensive hardware to match the requirement, and when the market calms down, your storage goes unused, but that’s not the case in Cloud computing. With cloud computing, you pay for what you use. The cloud storage can be increased if need provided you are willing to pay the extra fees for the increased storage.

Final Words

Seeing how cloud technology has become one of the industry’s influential technologies, there has been a surge of new companies offering cloud computing services. Platforms like the AWS marketplace have become very popular these days.

Business owners are trying their best to sell their products and services on these marketplaces. Why to sell on AWS Marketplace? Then let us tell you that the AWS marketplace is under Amazon. And with their great marketing strategies, they bring in high quality leads for the businesses.


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