4 Ways to Save Your Small Business Money Over Time

Running a business is all about thinking ahead, about using your head rather than your gut, and about not taking short cuts or doing what’s best in the short term at the expense of your future. This is why the smartest businesses are green businesses. Going green is something that is innately ‘future oriented’ as it involves thinking about the future of the planet as well as finding ways to cut money over the long term.

Investing now in your company’s eco efficiency might cost you a little up front and take some time, but over time it can save you a fortune. Of course, that’s not the only consideration our business should have though – you also need to think ahead by investing in your company’s security, by creating contingency plans and by building your brand.

But what if I told you there were some changes you could make that would benefit you in all these areas? In terms of ROI and efficiency, these changes are more than worth your time – so read on to find out what they are.

Save Money Business

Your Windows

If your business own the office that you are working out of, then it will be up to you if you want to change the windows in your building. Doing so can have countless benefits for your business going forward. It can aid your efficiency and save you energy (by keeping more heat in your property), improve your security (by being harder to get into), improve the look of your office (which benefits your reputation and your staff’s happiness) and help combat mold and drafts. If you’re currently making do with damaged windows or with single glazing then, it’s time to upgrade!

Invest in Solar

Invest in solar panels – perhaps a solar generator or just a solar battery – and you can significantly reduce your energy bills over time. Better yet, if your business has its own premises, then why not get a whole solar panel array for the roof and generate energy with no need to rely on the mains? You can even sell some of this back to the grid!

Paperless Billing

Making the transition to a ‘paperless office’ is something that most businesses could benefit from. This means getting all your bills as digital files rather than as printed files as well as sending correspondence of your own by e-mail rather than post. All this has countless advantages. It’s good for the environment of course because it means you waste less paper and for the same reason it’s also good for your overheads as you will have to pay for less paper and ink. As well as this though, it will also save you a lot of space and a lot of time (you’ll find it’s much easier to find the right digital files because you can use software to carry out cross searches) and it can improve security as you won’t be leaving sensitive information in the bin for anyone to find.

Paperless online billing

Eco Driving Courses

Eco driving courses are once again a great investment that can help your company in a number of different ways. These are courses that you can send your staff on with the aim of teaching them to drive in a more eco efficient manner. This will then mean that your employees can get to their destination while using less fuel and which is good for the environment as well as your petrol bills. Better yet though, it will also result in fewer accidents as eco driving has a lot in common with defensive driving, and it will actually help you to get more mileage out of your vehicles (less stopping is good for the car).

When choosing the changes to invest in then, look for upgrades like these that will benefit for your business in a whole range of ways at once.


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