4 Ways to Become a Transformational Leader

It is possible to be a good manager and yet not be a good leader. You could be a good leader but not be a good manager. You could also be a good leader and not be a transformational one. According to James MacGregor Burns, followers help leaders and together they advance to a higher level of motivation.

This term was first used in 1978. It describes the process of leaders and followers working together. In leadership where there is no transformation, there are the usual tasks. These include managing, organizing and supervising work. Managing also encompasses monitoring performance.

Do you have a need to improve on these? Now may not be the best time then to move forward with transformational leadership.

4 Ways To Become A Transformational Leader

The Outcomes of Transformational Leadership:

  • Develops an environment of support
  • Shared responsibilities
  • Actions supporting the whole rather than the individual
  • Emerge from status quo – Have the freedom to change directions
  • Earn trust and respect from the whole team
  • Impact the business beyond your expectations

If you’re still interested here are some more transformational leadership examples:

  1. Personalize a Management Style

Your leadership adapts to the various personalities, skills, and needs of the team. You act more like a mentor than a boss. You assign tasks based on talents and abilities but also delegate them to challenge their comfort zones. You show concern for your team as people not just as workers.

  1. Encourage Creativity

Innovation is encouraged by challenging what is assumed about what you can and cannot do. When a mistake is made, you react in a way that shows you respect risk-taking. Provide the resources and support to keep workers from being confined. Let them have room to change. Problems are learning opportunities. You think twice before accepting others agreement with you. You value truly independent thinking and you reward people when they challenge you.

  1. Motivate and Inspire

Inspire your team to move in the direction you want them to. Set visions and strategies. Motivate with goals. Allow everyone to bring their best to the table by expressing your passion. Communicate with optimism and confidence. Make all tasks connect to a bigger purpose.

Inspire your team to act by engaging their talents and celebrating all of their successes. Keep recruiting their spirits.

  1. Set the Tone for Others

Behave with ethics and integrity. Be sure to act honestly and speak honestly. Little children emulate their parents and your team will do this with their managers. Make sure to be aware of what you are doing and use it as a way to measure your future behavior. Whether positive or negative, people on your team will want to do what you do. With transformational leaders, people want to be just like them.



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