4 Tips For Generating More Buyer Ready Leads For Your Business

We’ve all heard about the money being in the list and this is rightly so. While it is great to have a good following on social media and loads of organic traffic on  your website your list is the one thing that is well and truly yours. Facebook may shut down you Facebook page and your website may get hit with the next Google update bringing your traffic to a trickle.

The fact is too that your list is a direct line to your customers. While they may miss your Facebook updates or your latest blog post on your website your emails will go straight to their inbox until they take some action with it. And this is the big thing about email – it is actionable. Even if your subscriber deletes the email and unsubscribes they have done something with it.

You should also be collecting phone numbers so you can contact your leads directly via a phone call or by text message.

This goes to say that one of your biggest goals for growing your business and generating sales should be not only to grow your list but to find ways to get buyer ready leads signed up.

Here are some ways to generate leads for your business that are ready to buy and interested in your business:

4 Tips For Generating More Buyer Ready Leads For Your Business

Hire A Professional Lead Generation Company

While it may seem like hiring a lead generation company is costly, the long term benefits of generating buyer ready leads through a firm like Pronexis will pay for itself in a big way.

Lead generation can take up quite a bit of time that you may not have freely available. Leaving it to the professionals will enable you to focus on other important aspects of your business such as product development and content creation.

Offer Free Samples Or A Free Gift

Simply having a sign up form on your website is not enough, you need to give your potential customers a reason to give over their personal information. Offering something to entice your audience to sign up is a great way to not only obtain their details but to also create goodwill towards your company and products as well as provide you with any opportunity to introduce your company and products to them.

These leads will be super targeted since only people that are really interested in your products will take the time to get a free sample to try them out. It also gives you a great reason to contact them again to follow up how they enjoyed their free samples and to offer them discounts or coupons on their first purchase.

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Everyone loves a competition and it is often much more cost effective to run a giveaway on your website than it is to spend money on marketing your products. People are very quick to give away their details for competitions and this also gives you a reason to contact them again. Once the giveaway is over you can also send all your subscribers discount codes for your products.


Isn’t it amazing how people love doing quizzes and they are not that hard to set up. There are plenty of free tools such as Survey Monkey that will allow you to quickly and efficiently add a quiz to your website. Quizzes are loads of fun, they are very shareable on social media and if you keep the quizzes niche specific you can target your exact market.


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