4 Tips For Finding a Job You Love In Sales

The sales team of any company can be considered “rockstars” – and for good reason. Whether you were recently fired from a previous position, or are fresh off the cutting block, here are several tips for finding a sales job that will probably make you successful.

1. Sell Yourself

To figure out your skills and prowess for selling, employers will use your selfskills to evaluate you as a salesperson. If you can’t convince them why you’re perfect for the job, how can you persuade their clients and customers that the business offers solutions, services and products for their problems? In the world of sales, the interview itself is the audition for the job. This is the one time where applying your world-class skills is looked upon favorably.

2. Find The Right Job For You

Do you understand that not all sales “gigs” are similar? Before searching for an interview, take some prep time to evaluate yourself and your skills. Write them down so they are there with you – this will make searching for jobs easier. This is because this evaluation list will let you compare against the job descriptions and skills required in a matter of seconds. This saves you a gigantic amount of time on arguing back and forth with yourself. If you feel comfortable selling the products or services that the employer is asking for – look at it as an indicator that the job may be fulfilling for you.

3. Research

No matter what in the world you’re selling, you know the crucial importance of researching all you can about the product or service. Not only so it painted you and the brand you represented as an authority in the industry, but so you were also able to show customers and clients directly how they could benefit. Applying for jobs requires the same dedication to turning over every stone concerning the company you’re aiming for. (For example, sales jobs in Chicago could leave you working for Advanced Design Technology, American Medical Association, Grenzebach Glier & Associates, The Monteith Group and more.) Researching the company as you would a customer requires the same mental stamina and willingness to succeed. The internet is by far the most valuable resource when it comes to uncovering information about companies in your area or abroad. Some questions you can ask yourself (and then find the answers to) are: Where does it stand in the marketplace? How many turnovers were there in the last fiscal year?

4. Conversate

Nobody can deny that over-talking is a problem shared by a lot of people. However, in an attempt to make the sale, a lot of salespeople and reps talk too much about themselves, the product, or the company. Whenever they show interest in the customer, it’s common to invite them to ask a question – and then offer a response that avoids the question entirely. We are all guilty of talking more than we listen – which is sad, considering that listening to the interviewer will give you all the ammunition you need about why you’re the sales rep the company needs. (Because you have a skillset beyond selling that will help them increase profits, for example.)


If you’re still stuck, consider seeking the advice of a trained career counselor. These professionals guide dozens of people through successful career development, and can validate jobs as well as evaluate prospects. Nobody needs to tell you that job searching is often frustrating and lonely. Implement these tips to make the most of your time and effort.


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