4 Things I Do When Choosing A Content Writer

Content may be king but let’s face it, not all content is equal. I write a lot of my own content for my websites, but I also often make use of content writers to help me fill the gap when I get really busy. I also get a lot of guest posts submitted to be published on my websites, unfortunately a lot of the content that is submitted to me is rejected due to poor quality.

It has been a process for me to find content writers that are competent and can deliver the level of quality that I require. I have had many bad experiences with ordering a service from someone that claims to be English speaking but the article is clearly not written by someone that is English, or even close to competent in English.

I have also had many people submit guest posts to me and when I reject them they tell me they paid someone to write it for them and my heart sinks for them.

One thing that many people have asked me when I reject content is what tool did I use to check it. No there is no tool, I am English and I could not read it.

Running an article through Copyscape or another tool is simply not enough.

When I am looking for a content writer here are the steps I follow to make my choice:

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4 Things I Do When Choosing A Content Writer

Ask Questions

The first thing I do is contact the writer and ask some questions. It is not that I want a particular question answered, I want to see how the writer answers. Here are the things I am checking for:

  1. Does the writer answer my question?
  2. Does the writer understand my question?
  3. Does the writer use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation?
  4. Can the writer speak/write English properly?

I can’t tell you how many times I have messaged a “native English speaking quality writer” with 3 questions and this person does not reply to any of my questions, instead the writer just says “Yes sir order now”.

Any writer that is good at what they do and wants my business will answer every question clearly, concisely and with good English. They also won’t call me “Sir” since I am a woman.

Ask For Samples

My next step is to ask for a few samples of writing. I can then get a good idea of the quality of content that I should receive. I’m looking at the quality of the content, how engaging the content is and whether the style of writing is going to suit the blog that I need content written for.

I also want to know what topics the writer specializes in. Yes I have had a lot of writers tell me that they will write on any topic and honestly that answer is not satisfactory for me. I know that I can write good content on a wide variety of subjects but there are certain things that I won’t be good writing about – take politics, religion, history, cars and sport. I will fail to write anything great on those topics simply because those topics bore me to tears and I would rather do something else with my time. Give me blogging, parenting, addiction, mental health and self improvement topics and I can write an excellent article.

When I use content writers I hire different writers for each of my websites. I want the writers I use to be passionate about the topic and enjoy writing the articles. When this happens the articles are excellent content.

Paper pen and coffee

Check References and Reviews

I mostly use Seoclerks for my writers, plus I have some women that write for my parenting website that were regular readers of my website. I enjoy reading through the reviews on websites to see what other people have experienced, this can be tricky though since often the people purchasing and reviewing the seller is not English either!

For my parenting website I privately contacted a few moms that regularly engaged on my website with high quality comments and asked them to write for me.

Checking The Content

Once I have ordered and received content from a writer (or received a guest post), the first thing I do is read it out loud. The reason for this is that often mistakes that are not picked up when scanning the article come to light very quickly when reading it aloud.

The next thing I do is check all the facts and information given in the article. It may be written by someone else, but it is my website and my responsibility to ensure that all information provided is correct and relevant to the topic and my website.

The last thing I do before approving content is put it through a plagiarism checker. You will be shocked the amount of times I have paid for and received an amazing article… that has been copied and pasted from someone else’s website, either partly or in full!

Any writer that sends me plagiarized content is immediately removed off my list of content writers.

I hope you have found this helpful, and if you are looking for some excellent writers, here are my 2 favorites:

Tommy from SeoClerks

EliteWriter from SeoClerks


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