4 Key Areas Of Your Business That Demand Employees

In some areas of your business, you can get away with not having employees or by doing things yourself. Things like the design side of your business where you create a logo for your brand, this can be done by a freelance contractor or yourself if you have the skills.

Then, you have the areas of your business that demand the most attention and mean you must have permanent employees on hand at all times. We’ll take a look at these things now, so you know which people to hire for your company.



We start things off with an underrated part of your business; the admin side of things. A lot of small business owners will take care of their own administration and won’t hire someone. Now, you may be able to do this if you have a very small business. However, if you operate a successful company, then you shouldn’t have enough time on your hands to do all of this. You should be too busy focusing on your strengths instead of answering emails and calls. To make your life easier, and ensure you don’t waste time with admin tasks, hire administrative assistants.

Often, you only need to hire one person as a sort of personal assistant to take care of all these tasks for you. They’re relatively cheap to hire too, and you don’t necessarily need to find someone with loads of experience or skills, so the hiring process should be quite easy and quick. The benefit of hiring admin staff is that you now have more time on your hands to do what you’re best at, and you can also answer clients and customers more frequently. If you’re at a meeting, they aren’t left with a voicemail message telling them to call back later. Instead, your assistant takes the call, and your clients aren’t left annoyed!



Marketing is another area of your business that requires you to have permanent employees. Again, you could get freelance marketers on-board or outsource these jobs, but it’s better to have your team with you at all times. Mainly, this is because marketing your business is a constant thing. It’s an ongoing process that requires tinkering and monitoring at all times.

If you were to outsource, you should only outsource specialist things like content writing or link building. But, your core marketing team should stay in-house to work on your overall strategy and keep developing and redeveloping it. This is a job that requires properly trained and skilled employees as well. So, hiring people will require more effort than hiring your admin staff. You’re looking for people with marketing experience, preferably in the same industry as yours. This should mean they know the right ways to market and promote your business to its target audience. Also, think about keeping the team relatively small. Not only will this save money, but it makes it easier for everyone to gel with one another and work efficiently.


Human Resources

Naturally, when you have employees on your books, you need to ensure they’re well-managed and being treated fairly. As such, you’ll have to hire people for your HR department. Some people outsource this, but I think it’s better to have the team in-house. It leads to better communication between everyone, and problems can be sorted in-house immediately if they occur. Your HR team will be responsible for paying employees and generally ensuring everyone is coming in on time and doing their jobs properly. This is a very specialist type of job, so you have to be careful who you hire for it. Preferably, look for candidates through an HR recruitment agency to find the best ones. You want people with experience working in a similar role, so you don’t have to train them, and they already know how to use all the HR software, and so on. They’ll form a key part of your team, and will liaise with all other employees.



Every business needs to make a big effort to manage its accounts. This means balancing your books and tracking all your income and outgoings. Some companies will outsource or hire freelance accountants for this. Normally, they do this a couple of times per year, typically when they have to pay tax. The problem with this is you leave the accountant loads to do. You have to send them all your financial documents, and it can take a while before they calculate everything for you. But, if you hire an accountant – or accounting team – they’re with you all the time. They see your financial records as soon as they happen, and can sort them accordingly. It makes it so much easier to track everything and analyse your business properly. Plus, when tax time comes along, they’ve already been adding everything up throughout the year and keeping tabs on expenses. So, filing your business tax form is much quicker, easier, and it could even mean you pay less tax. Think about it, they’ve had all year to track expenses that can be put down as tax deductibles. If you hire a freelance accountant to file your tax return for you, they have less time and might not be able to find as many deductibles. Once more, experience is a must when hiring for these jobs. You really need people with a good amount of accounting experience, as this is a very important area of your business. Also, accountants will use various software when doing their job, so they need to be trained in this already, saving you money and time when hiring them.

The whole purpose of this article is to show you that you don’t need employees in every area of your business. However, these four areas are very important, and you should hire people to help you out. In doing so, your company will benefit in many ways. But, you can also steer clear of hiring people for jobs that aren’t fully necessary. As such, you strike the perfect balance and can reduce overhead costs while still having a productive and efficient company.


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