4 Digital Creative Tips For Your Business From Bennet Schwartz

Social media advertising can be tricky to nail because it is not always possible to know precisely what your audience finds most engaging when it comes to generating ads. There are various elements to factor in, from getting the perfect image or video to targeting audiences with the most relevant model and call to action. People devour content in a different way on mobile devices than TV or other electronic platforms. When you are competing with other websites, it is essential to generate quality and relevant content. Here are 4 digital creative tips for your business from Bennet Schwartz that are worth implementing.

Digital creative

Quality Content

For most platforms, the best trick is to use a square 1:1 video or image ratio whenever you can. But, always take advantage of the platforms that are supporting vertical 4:5 ratios which means your ad will take up more space as the user scroll through. Ensure your advertisement is optimized for all placements available on Instagram and Facebook, making sure you are utilizing a 9:16 ratio for your stories.

Pinterest however is all about generating visually attractive pins, with standard video and standard pins being mostly utilized, advertisement formats on Pinterest. For standard pins, the best route to take is using vertical images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 ratio (for instance: 1000 x 1500 pixels). If you use other ratios, the pin might truncate, or adversely impact performance. It is vital to make your brand the focal point by placing your service or product front and centre and including your logo on each pin you create.

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Keep Videos Short

Twitter advocates that consumers spend around 86% longer watching digital video. Try to keep your video at fifteen seconds max across all social media platforms. Make sure you highlight your product or brand logo within the first three seconds, however for Snapchat you have two seconds only with a beneficial length of five to six seconds.

Design For Sound Off

More frequently than not, individuals scroll through feeds with their sound turned off. Eighty percent of consumers, according to Forbes, are more likely to watch the whole video when captions are included, and fifty percent found captions beneficial since they watch video with their sound off. Your video must not rely on sound in order to relay your story. Prepare videos by adding captions with the goal to delight viewers with voice overs when their sound is turned on. As far as video length goes, there is not a straightforward answer. However, it is recommended to stick to a video length of thirty seconds maximum. But there are exceptions to the rule.

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Clear And Summarizing

Keeping your copy brief with a clear message is the optimal way to go, particularly where Twitter is concerned. With around 350 000 tweets a minute, a summarizing tweet has thirteen percent higher message and brand recall. Engaging and compelling content for Linkedin begins with placing your CTA above the fold – after hundred and fifty characters your copy is condensed. Bullet points is an excellent way for getting points across in as few characters as possible. In addition, keeping your headline under seventy characters and restricting the use of multiple emojis and uppercase letters can also go a long way in not getting your ad disapproved. Keep your copy summarized and use text overlay to make your pin stand out from others. Make sure your pin title is fewer than 100 characters and the description less than 500.

Meeting Your KPIs

To compile the most effective creative for meeting your KPIs, you will need to think about the ad format, to refresh creative and the most appropriate CTA to incorporate. If your videos are meeting your KPIs, you might also want to look at narrowing or widening your audience based on various targeting strategies. As you know, social media is inundated with thousands of posts a second, so that your CTA is solely focused on your message to convey to your audience as evidently as possible.


I hope you have found this post about 4 digital tips for your business useful and that you will use them to your benefit. 



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