4 CX Trends to Watch for in 2019

Customer experience is becoming a more prominent metric for businesses in various industries. Similar to the way user experience in apps and websites can be tuned, customer experience or CX is something that businesses can actively fine-tune to perfection.

There are also more reasons to work on improving customer experience across the board. Customers who enjoy every step of their journey are customers who will return to your business for more. As we get closer to the beginning of 2019, there are some interesting CX trends forming in the market.

4 CX Trends To Watch Out For in 2019

Brand Realignment

Customer experience is a powerful and important part of your brand. What customers see, feel, and experience when interacting with your products and services helps shape what they think about your business and your brand. It is clear that reshaping the customer experience to better match the key messages of your brand is more a necessity than an option.

The process begins with a better understanding of the meaning of your brand itself. The more you understand your key messages, the better you can articulate those messages to customers through details in their journey.

More importantly, it is necessary to have a customer experience that fulfils your brand’s promises. Is customer friendliness one of your key messages? Then you need to be extra certain that every part of your CX is as easy as it gets.

CX 360

We talked about customer journey and different parts of it as an inseparable element of the customer experience. Parts of that journey will only be more important as we move forward. The market is getting more competitive, which means you have to work harder to stay at the top of your customers’ mind.

CX 360 is the answer. This is an approach that really integrates customer experience with the rest of your business workflow. It is the understanding that customer experience – and customer journey – isn’t only about their process of making purchases.

Extending elements of the customer experience to also cover pre-sales steps is a must. This means going digital and engaging customers online. Don’t forget to also provide a positive customer experience after the point of purchase.

Customer Experience

Better Customer Support

Speaking of CX 360, customer support and aftersales service are also more prominent. The growing trend is for companies to build genuine relationships with customers through positive aftersales experience.

The trend is better supported by various customer service solutions and support systems currently available. We see CRM solutions offering access to more data about customers. Artificial Intelligence and other new technologies are added to these solutions for the same purpose of improving CX.

Good customer support is a proven way to boost customer lifetime value or CLV. The higher your CLV, the more sustainable your business will be in the long run.

Sustainable CX

That brings us to our last trends, which is sustainable CX. Gone are the days of doing short improvements and wasting a lot of energy to satisfy customers over a short period of time. Sustainability must be one of the objectives you want to achieve in today’s modern world.

Instead of running promotional offers or making big improvements that last a short time, you want to position your business and your brand as an entity that grows with the customers. Listen more to what the customers are saying and make them a part of the business’s journey too.

When this approach is implemented correctly, don’t be surprised to find an increasing number of loyal customers. They are not only loyal to your brand, but also very vocal when it comes to promoting your products and services to other potential customers.

These are the CX trends to look out for in 2019. We still have some time until the end of 2018, but you can get a head start and implement these approaches today to gain a competitive advantage. Ready to improve your customer experience?


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  1. Customer experience getting more important these days. Many business start to change their business model towards customer oriented business. Good customer support will give big jump for a company to compete in this era. I believe if company start implementing and focus on customer experience, competitor in certain industry hard to compete with them. Thanks for this article 🙂

  2. Great ideas on improving customer experience! I think it’s definitely very crucial for brands/companies to not overlook into building and improving customer experience. With technology evolving so fast, it is so much easier and faster for a bad experience from a customer to spread quickly. There are increasingly more and more tools to help brands better manage their customer experiences by tracking what their customers mention about their brands on social media, responding to queries with automated chat bots, providing self-help tools that can make the customer experience seamless with the processes. It’s not that difficult to implement these approaches today, but, if not done properly or have one in the first place, one will definitely lose out on their competition very easily. 

  3. Thanks for an informative post. When we are blogging, we tend to be oblivious to what the end-user experience is when they land on our site. Other than our site speed, perhaps, we are mostly unaware of how others perceive our website. This article reminds us of the many things we need to be watchful, and how each is important. I have really enjoyed reading your post. Bookmarked it already.

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