3 Ways to Promote Your CBD Business Through Email Marketing

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a component found in cannabis sativa. This chemical compound occurs naturally. Although there are other compounds in cannabis that are psychoactive, CBD is not. People can safely use CBD products without having their mental state altered.

CBD products have several established health benefits. CBD oil reduces anxiety and can be used to help manage pain. People who have cancer can safely take CBD oil to manage the side effects people often experience during treatment, such as nausea. Research also suggests it may be an effective antidepressant.

Demand for CBD products is steadily increasing and experts project the CBD industry could generate $20 billion in revenue by 2024. Your CBD business can set itself apart from the competition and capitalize on the growing demand by implementing some effective email marketing strategies.


  1. Appeal to The Recipient

Personalized marketing will increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Over 70% of consumers have indicated that their engagement with promotional emails relies on the use of personalized information. This doesn’t mean that the emails are simply addressed to the recipient. What it means is that the content is customized to suit their needs and interests.

Individuals are more likely to be responsive if they receive promotional information based on their previous shopping habits. They may appreciate a message that tells them a product they previously purchased is on sale or comes in a new size. You can show consumers that you are not trying to simply make a sale, but are concerned about giving them relevant information about products they have used or are likely to have an interest in.

Recipients are also more likely to respond to content they find relevant. A woman is more likely to be interested in using CBD products to manage the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Teenagers may be more receptive to marketing information about using CBD products to treat acne. Taking time to research your client base and customize the information that they receive to their needs can pay off with increased sales.

Email marketing

  1. Feature Superior Products and Information

Your business success begins with your products. Carry the best CBD cigarettes and CBD oil products on the market. Plain Jane is the leading CBD product wholesaler and authority in the CBD industry. They emphasize transparency and efficiency in their business operations, which increases consumer confidence in their products. Featuring Plain Jane products conveys your commitment to providing superior CBD merchandise, which will impress your clients.

It’s also important to ensure that the information you include in your email marketing campaigns is helpful. Research current topics in your industry that may interest clients or affect the industry. Break this information down so that it is accessible to your customers. Avoid using a lot of industry terms or jargon that consumers may not be familiar with. Your clients will appreciate straightforward information that is easy to understand.

Include information from reputable sources. Cite doctors when you reference the medical benefits of CBD oil and other products. Refer to legal experts if your email addresses laws or regulations that may impact business operations. Consumers will trust your company because they know you rely on insights from industry experts.


  1. Emphasize Consumer Safety

One of the potential drawbacks of email marketing is ensuring privacy. Make sure you use the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature for distributing emails to multiple parties at the same time. Do not make lists public. This will prevent unauthorized access to your email distribution lists.

If you see a potential star candidate on LinkedIn but aren’t able to locate their contact information, you can research “email lookup free” to get the contact information you need. Sometimes, social media doesn’t show the whole story. Email lookup services allow you to find professional leads more easily.

You can establish your company as a business that prioritizes consumer safety by ensuring you work with reputable people. If you are supplying merchandise to other vendors you can use their email address information to ensure you distribute your merchandise to credible clients.

Follow all applicable regulations when you are using email marketing. Supply a method for unsubscribing from marketing emails and enable consumers to change the frequency or type of emails that they receive. Make sure that your email campaign also complies with the distributor’s terms of service. Some newsletter distributors have regulations in place that may affect your distribution process. Choose a distributor that meets your specific needs while protecting client data.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have been using email marketing for a few months now and I have to say I have found it a bit of a struggle to even get people to open my emails never mind click on the links withing them. 

    I really like your point about citing doctors when discussing the medical benefits of CBD oil. I have been sharing a lot of information but I can see how citing a doctor would lend more credibility to what I am discussing. I will definitely try that in my next email.



  2. This is great information.  the market for CBD oil is huge right now and I have been considering  starting up an online store for CBD products, more specifically for dogs.  This came about because I have a little furry girl I adopted with sever anxiety.  It has pretty much been a trial and error process with her, but I have found what works.  I would love to share my story and hope this will help with the promoting of CBD products for dogs.  Thanks for the tips!

  3. Love your small business smorgasbord site.  I will definitely follow you.  I found valuable information here about CBD, Coding and Real Estate Investing.  Wow the gamut.  I like sites like this for ideas and divers exposure.  

    Your post on CBD and E mail marketing was informative and E mail marketing interests me.  I also like the way your site navigates with the post menu choice at the bottom of the posts. Ok the cow jumped over the moon and I grew up with Mount Rainier in the picture window IS THAT ORIGINAL ENOUGH? 

    I predict you will do very well with this idea and many will convert on the many offers.  Thank you for posting this .  Chris      

  4. Hi Lynne. I have been thinking of marketing CDB products. I know that application can be very effective and there are so many people suffering with anxiety, pain and depression who need some help and who don’t want to be on these many prescription drugs. I appreciate the tips you have shared that could make marketing effective: The reference to expert doctors and research, the customised emails and the safety. Thank you for the article encouraging me to get into a growing trend.

  5. It sounds amazing! I think many people would like to learn more about how to develop their CBD business through email marketing. My friends love to obtain new knowledge to promote their cannabidiol business. Many people are skeptical about the CBD benefits, but the truth is that it provides several health advantages. 

    This article talks about all you need to know about your cannabidiol business and the 3 ways to promote it!

    Thanks for the info, I will share this article with my friends.

  6. This is such a great article!  I love that you advocate for citing doctors or other medical references and to really know the audience the product is marketed for.  There undoubtedly seems to be a lot of spam online surrounding up and coming trends (CBD oil being a huge one right now!) that it is refreshing to read an article about how to truly help a consumer use and buy a product that they will benefit from!  

    Thank you so much for your insights!


  7. I love CBD. I personally use it for my pain management and it works great. I use both the ointment and also tincture. I just love the fact that there is no THC in it. Thanks for sharing all the 3 tips for promoting the CBD product through email marketing. I think the most important is that we promote the most superior product and in the bottom we can ensure them that it is totally safe and and better than the OTC medicine.

  8. Hi Lynne

    Thanks so much for sharing such a great information to help me to work better on my online business, you’re always sharing good tips.

    As I’m starting my own business promoting some CBD oil products, I was wondering how I could reach more people, as I was looking on the internet for some information, I found your website.

    I already have my own blog, but I was shy to talk with my readers openly about the CBD oil products, but after reading your article, I got strong bases to do it right, it’s good idea to talk about the benefits of taking it and to cite doctors that talk about this topics and the benefits for people with some anxiety problems.

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