3 Useful Tips For Obtaining A 360-degree Of Your Customers

Before we share the benefits of having a 360-degree view of your customers and how to obtain it, we first need to tell you a bit more about the subject.  So, what is customer 360? A 360 degree view refers to your customer data. This includes every interaction, from buying a product, to a website inquiry or a customer support ticket on your website.

 It also means that each group within your company has access to the exact version of customer details. It is essential to grasp that a 360 degree view of customers and personalized experiences both play a role. Both are facilitated through integrating data, APIs and applications.

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Benefits of Customer 360

You can generate more engaging and compelling customer experiences on your website by facilitating customer 360. The primary benefits include:

  • Personalized Engagement – you have access to the most accurate and recent information of your customers at every touchpoint.
  • A Seamless Experience – every customer that visits your website enjoys a consistent experience irrespective of where they are interacting with you. For instance, the customer service team has all the information about the customer previously created, and doesn’t have to ask the customer for the same details again.
  • Customer Segmentation and insights – By compiling all customer details, you can build more precise customer behaviour models.
  • Prognostic analytics and mapping – you have access to enhanced forecasts by compiling information from across data pockets to predict what the customer might do next. You can map home and shopping whereabouts for customers to invite them to special events.

3 Useful Tips on How to Obtain a 360-degree of Your Customers

Use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

CRMs are where all customer data is stored, making it the ideal location to track all touch points that a specific customer has with your business. In every customer’s profile, details like former purchases, communications, and inquiries are recorded. Such 360-degree views in CRMs should be updated after every new interaction.

It is also useful to grant your CRM access to all customer-related departments, i.e., service, sales, marketing, support, etc. to make sure everyone is aware of all communication with the customer. This means there is little room for confusion or error when dealing with the customer.

Social Listening

Customer interaction also involves their behaviour on social media channels. Social listening involves monitoring any discussions related to your brand and topics on social media. This can be incredibly valuable because individuals ten to share unfiltered opinions and thoughts on social media, which can give you useful feedback about your company. You can also refer to reviews and thoughts while updating or creating buyer personas. This will enable you to improve accuracy and emphasize your sales and marketing campaigns.

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Conducting Data Audits

Never wipe historical data. Rather spend some time on organizing the information and assigning it to the relevant customer. It is also common practice for different departments to catch specific  information about the customer, therefore, be sure to collect relevant details from all departments and add it to your 360-degree view too.

If you are not utilizing a CRM that automatically organizes customer-related details, you still want to generate a system for capturing and editing the information. This will ensure streamlined and straightforward access to the relevant information going forward.


We hope these tips for obtaining a 360-degree view of your customers and the benefits have been useful to you. Building a 360-degree view of customers can assist you with breaking down how particular customers react and feel when they engage with your business throughout each point of their purchasing journey. This process of building customer profiles is ongoing and with every new detail you collect, you unlock helpful information to assist you with delighting your customers.


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