3 Traits of Leading Bloggers for Small Businesses

When you decide to declare yourself as the heart and soul of your blog, you know you’re in for a long journey. Maintaining a successful business blog is not only a full-time job and a potential for growing your business beyond your wildest dreams; it’s also an incredibly demanding task.

Traits of leading bloggers in business

While everyone can keep a business blog and generate content every day, a successful one is not something you’ll find on any old website.

It does, in fact, require a certain set of skills and even a few personality traits to keep it going and build a reputable blog out of thin air. Here is what you need to know – and the mindset you need to apply to make it happen.

#1 Successful bloggers are problem-solvers

You know that your blog needs to give something of value to your audience and that it should focus on helping them with their problems. This is, of course, a lot easier said than done – your business isn’t always able to read people’s mind and connect with the kind of problems they are experiencing.

Think about your business blog the same way you approached the launch of your business idea. It had to be useful to people’s everyday lives, and its purpose had to be clear enough for them understand how it could help them. Search engine optimization services can help you a bit on the way and make it easier to target the right keywords.

The same goes for the content you post; everything you write is a solution to someone’s problem, and they will continue to visit your site in hope of having the rest of their problems solved.

#2 Successful bloggers are likeable

We tend to like the ones we’re able to connect and identify with. That’s why it takes a certain type of personality to be a good salesman and achieve that kind of connection with the customers. The top advice most of the leading bloggers point to when asked is the importance of being likeable and finding their voice for the right kind of audience.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be incredibly popular; it just implies that when people enjoy reading your blog, it’s because they relate to what you’re talking about and can identify with your personality. Let it shine through a bit even though the blog is for business purposes.

#3 Successful bloggers encourage conversations

If your blog is one long monologue, you might be staring at the answer to the lack of visitors on your site. A proper business blog is connected to social media platforms, it interacts with the readers and connects with them in their arenas as well; creating likeable content and keeping the traffic flowing means that it’s not just about your blog.

It’s about them, the readers, and they won’t pay you another visit unless you acknowledge them.

Continue to encourage debates around the topics you’re writing about, host competitions, spark it up with a video and go out of your way to connect with the anonymous faces out there.


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