3 Top Benefits Why You Should Buy The eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Course

When it comes to online business courses, eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones, however it does come with a hefty price tag of $1997. In this post we will be telling you a bit more about the creator, the course and the pros to help you decide whether buying the course would be a good fit for you. 

More about Kevin Zhang, the creator

Kevin Zhang goes beyond just an instructor. He has done the very things that he is teaching you. Dropshipping is considered as one of the worst methods of making money online. However, Kevin has shown us that it can be done, and you can achieve success with dropshipping / eCommerce, therefore every piece of information that he shares, is gold in your pocket. Keven made millions through eCommerce, then created a YouTube channel and started selling his course. He only has a few videos on YouTube, but they are of high quality. There are a lot of fakes out there, but Kevin Zhang is the real deal and most probably one of the most successful dropshippers out there. 

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More about the course

The course is a comprehensive course with fifteen modules. The subjects covered in the course include:

  • An introduction to the world of eCommerce – all the basics of entering the world of eCommerce, even for those who do not want to go the dropshipping route but are still interested in eCommerce.
  • Branded niche dropshipping – information about the different aspects of dropshipping and Kevin’s unique approach.
  • The psychology behind eCommerce consumers – you will learn more about the mindset of users who are browsing your website and techniques you can apply to get them to buy something. 
  • Shopify store mastery – everything you need to know about Shopify.
  • Facebook advertisement strategy mastery – This is covered over two modules and is an introduction on how to run Facebook ads. This section is critical.
  • The most essential business principles in understanding eCommerce – you’ll learn more about running promotions, calculating profit margins, running subscriptions, and more. 
  • Email and SMS marketing relating to dropshipping – a useful introduction on how to engage customers through SMS and emails and some information about traffic.
  • AB Testing – This section of the course tells you more about split testing which is an essential technique for boosting sales. 
  • Best practices for customer support – another unique module that provides essential information on customer service to ensure repeat customers. 
  • The legal side of the business to keep the business afloat – more about setting up a business and the taxation rules that must be followed. It only applies to certain countries. 
  • Establishing advanced infrastructure and obtaining full automation – this section is dedicated to scaling up of a company. It teaches you to plan long-term and how to automate specific areas of the business. 

Top benefits of buying the eCommerce millionaire mastery course

It is a comprehensive course

Everything you need to know about dropshipping / eCommerce with Shopify and using Facebook ads is covered in this course. Each step will be explained to you, from choosing a product, to generating a store, creating ads, optimizing strategies to customer service, and more. It is an excellent course content wise for newbies. 

The creator is legit

With so many fakers and people out there selling useless courses, Kevin Zhang is not one of them. His work is recognized by Forbes and he is probably one of the best dropshippers out there. He is testament to the success that can be achieved with eCommerce dropshipping. 

A good refund policy

A 7-day refund policy applies and getting your money back does not necessitate jumping through various different hoops. 


This course can benefit you because it covers basically everything that you need to know if you are considering eCommerce as a source of income. The course is so detailed that you won’t feel that certain parts were left unsaid. It is not necessary to take supplementary courses to obtain more information. Kevin Zhang teaches techniques that he has implemented himself and he is hugely successful today. All that is required of you to achieve success is dedication and hard work to make it work. 


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