3 Tips for Creating an Awesome Customer Experience

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of amazing customer service, you know it sets a standard that you judge all future business interactions by.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could consistently provide that level of service to callers? It’s possible. All you need is a plan and the drive to carry it out.

3 Tips For Creating An Awesome Customer Experience

Go farther than polite

Having great virtual call center software — software that allows you to deliver excellent service to callers — is one half of the puzzle. The other half is giving people an outstanding experience when they contact your call center. Most call center agents know they should be polite, but to stand out, you need to go beyond polite.

The key here is to be genuine. Most people can tell when friendliness is just an act, and they won’t be impressed. If your call center agents show genuine concern and know how to treat callers like real people, and not just another call to get through in a set amount of time, customers will take note. Here’s how to show customers that you really care:

  • Remember names and use them throughout a call
  • Keep notes on customer files of issues and preferences
  • Ask for real feedback and act on it
  • Apologize if you’ve made a mistake and go above and beyond to fix it
  • Always keep your promises, even if it’s just a promise to call back within three hours
  • Use those magic words: “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re very welcome”

Create an unforgettable experience

There’s a difference between the basic service that any customer should expect of a competent business and a truly memorable customer service experience. Your goal should be to create an experience that goes beyond simple service to become something your customers will talk about with others.

How do you create an experience like this? If a customer calls you and gets a polite, friendly, and helpful resolution to a problem, that’s good customer service. The person will likely stay loyal to your business, but they’re also not going to be deeply moved by that call.

If a customer calls and gets a polite, friendly, and helpful resolution to a problem, plus a free month of service or an upgrade of some kind to compensate them for their trouble, that’s an experience they won’t forget. That’s the kind of experience that gets you a customer for life.

Happy shopper

Become customer-focused

Maybe all your energy is focused on your vision for your company and your center: where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. While that’s important, you should also consider that focusing on your customers can have just as great an effect, if not more.

When you focus on customers instead of just the bottom line, your chances of getting happy, repeat clients goes up exponentially. With this focus in place, you become invested in learning who your customers really are. Once you know that, you’ll learn exactly how to anticipate and meet customer needs.

Perhaps the simplest and most overlooked way of showing customers that you’re focused on their needs is simple humility. Humility in another person moves us. Humility isn’t about letting everyone walk all over you, though; it’s just acknowledging that you can sometimes be wrong and showing a willingness to put the needs and preferences of others before your own.

If you provide consistently good customer experiences from employees who are humble and genuine, you can be sure you’ll earn the loyalty of your customers and clients for the long haul.


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