3 Sure Fire Ways To Hone Your Online Presence

When you decide to resign from your full time job and go it alone, life can turn a little scary. It can be overwhelming when you are struck by the sudden realisation that you don’t know when your next paycheck will be in your account. You have to become self reliant very quickly. This can be difficult to adjust to when you are used to having your workload managed by somebody else. However, you now have the chance to work on your own passion and dreams. As a new business, you need to hit the ground running. The easiest way to do this is by securing an online presence that your potential customer base can buy into. Take a look at these sure fire ways to hone your online presence.

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Social Media

If you have a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, and an Instagram page, you know just how important social media platforms are. These tools are great ways of securing free online marketing. Post relevant and meaningful content that links to your website and your blog, and you can enhance your following. Make sure that you have a Google Analytics tool attached to both your social media channels and your website, and you will be able to analyse the traffic between the two. Having social media feeds that are visited regularly will increase the chances of potential customers being directed to your website and ultimately buying from you.

Social media is also an excellent way of communicating with your customer base in a more informal way. The feeds are public, so respond promptly and be polite and courteous. Providing an exceptional customer experience isn’t just about delivering a product on time, it’s about communicating effectively.


When you have an all singing and all dancing website, you might think you can sell your wares easily. However, people need to know that your website exists. Organic traffic is usually few and far between. Instead you need to check out the tools for SEO keyword research and utilise them to help your website appear higher up the Google rankings. If you aren’t au fait with SEO, it might be best to outsource this business function to an off site expert. They can work with you to construct a strategy to achieve your goals. Do you want more hits to your website? Do you want greater hits to sales ratio? Whatever your goal is, your SEO capabilities can make it happen.

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If you can get yourself affiliated to a blog or two, you can enhance your online presence. With more people exposed to your brand, the more sales that you can achieve. You might even be asked to contribute to blogs. This is a great way to embed links to your web pages. You can also show off your expertise and credentials within your field.

Being an entrepreneur is tough. However, it’s vital that you utilise every online medium that you have at your disposal to maximise the chances of business success.


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  1. Very accurate, this are effective ways to become power houses in the online business world. A very large number of people use the social media and it’s a way to advertise products and services. I work online part time because going full time is a bit scary and I want to gather enough resources first. Thanks for the tips you have put up here. I’ll put them at the back of my mind.

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