3 Simple Ways To Earn Money Online

Making money online is the easiest ways to improve the personal finance. The internet provides tons of ways to earn money online of which many are scams. The money programs that are real is very hard to do for the people without technical skills. There are still few programs simple, easy which can be done by everyone without technical skills. I’m going to list out the best simple ways to earn money online.

simple ways to earn online

1. Earn bitcoins:

The Bitcoin is a digital currency found on 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japan Computer Engineer. The Bitcoin is the non-centralized currency which is controlled automatically by the blockchain. The bitcoin has certain value against the United States Dollar and other currencies based on the market value.

Initially, when the bitcoin was found, the value of one bitcoins was less than a dollar. From 2008 the value of the bitcoin was increasing like anything and now the value of bitcoin is about three thousand dollars and it is said to increase because of the congestion in blockchain increases day by day.
So, if somebody has saved bitcoins previously, they would have become a millionaire by now. Many didn’t expect this and few have used this opportunities to make millions of dollars. You can also start earning bitcoin now and sell it for USD or any other local currency.rning Bitcoin is easy compared to earning USD and there is less scam in this bitcoin world as most of them are automated and it is easier to find the scams.

The bitcoins faucets are the bitcoin paying websites that pay bitcoin just for visiting their website once every few minutes. By working on the multiple bitcoin faucets, you can make reliable income every day. The bitcoin faucet is the web page which dispenses a small amount of bitcoin each time when we visit their page.

Other than bitcoin faucets there are a lot of sites pay bitcoins for working on part time and we can also mine bitcoins using the mining hardware or on PC with the graphics card. The GPU has more Cuda cores compared to the CPU so a better GPU should fetch more bitcoins.

Bitcoin faucets

2. Paid to click:

The paid to click is the next simplest online money making program that pays for viewing ads. Though this is a simple way to make money online, it is not reliable unless we understand the concept of the PTC sites.

The PTC sites are the online paid advertising program which pays the members for viewing the advertisement of the third party advertisers. The advertisers advertise their products and services in order to generate leads and sales. The advertisers pay us for watching the ads. While many watches the ads, few convert. This is the reason why the advertisers advertise their products and services on the paid to click sites.

The PTC sites work successfully with the concept called referrals. This is the only concept that runs the PTC sites successfully. The referral program pays the members for referring the friends to their site. When the referral completes an action, the referrer will be paid instantly. The referral can make more money by referring more members to the PTC sites.

3. Micro tasks:

The micro jobs are provided by the crowdsourcing companies. The crowdsourcing companies help their clients to complete the projects using micro job technique.

The clients will outsource the projects to the crowdsourcing companies. Similar to other jobs, the crowdsourcing company will have members who primarily work to complete the micro tasks for money.

When the project is given to the crowdsourcing company, they will analyze the project and break it in to small tasks. By making the tasks simpler they make multiple people to work on the same project to complete with a high accuracy and complete it quickly.

The micro tasks will be posted on the job board. Based on the membership level, the members should complete the tasks assigned to them. The admin will continuously monitor the performance of the members to maintain the accuracy.

Once the entire process is complete, the project report file will be created for the clients based on the need. By working on crowdsourcing companies, you can earn more money in the simplest way. Once you reach the high level, you will be given access to the high paying tasks.

Here are the few examples of the tasks posted on the crowdsourcing sites. Data entry, data processing, spell check, proof reading, designing, video shoot, finding violation, finding spammers, finding authors, reading images, tranlation, transcription etc.

The above mentioned jobs are the simplest work to make money online without investment.


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