3 Signs You Need Help With Your Content Strategy

An online presence was once a novelty reserved for particularly hip entrepreneurs who had a feeling that this whole internet thing was going to be pretty big one day. Now, it’s a vital component in any cogent business strategy. Engaging with existing clients and customers as well as attracting potential leads through your social media presence is a great start. Making sure that your business has a slick and professional looking website also lends it a sense of legitimacy and prestige while laying out your stall for the world, showing all and sundry what your business is. These are important tools in the 21st century entrepreneur’s arsenal but they should always be coupled with a content marketing strategy.

Help with your content strategy

Your own unique content is vital in order to lend a voice to your business and your brand. It’s the thing that will allow potential customers to identify with you and help to differentiate your business from the competition. Whether you’re sharing your personal knowledge with the world through a blog, videos, webinars or a downloadable white paper, you need to ensure that your content is engaging, informative and regularly updated.

Most entrepreneurs are eager beavers who can’t wait to share their thoughts with the world and while there should absolutely be a personal element to every business’ content (it’s what keeps it unique), it’s important to recognize when you need help. If you experience any of the following, it may be worth enlisting aid in your content strategy from an outside agency…

You simply don’t have time

Let’s face it, business owners have a lot on their plate. The everyday operations on their business, combined with keeping an eye on the health and wellbeing from a macro perspective and strategizing accordingly is more than equal to a full time job. While blogging or recording instructional videos may be a fun reprieve from all this, there often aren’t enough hours in the day. Since a content strategy requires a constant stream of new content, the best bet is to create your own cornerstone content which is supplemented by outsourced content.

You’re eating up server space

If you’re recording a lot of audio and video it’s astonishing how quickly you can run out of server space that you rely on for your usual business operations. In this instance you should seek out content management system friendly third party providers. These can be physical or cloud based and accommodate as much content as you can generate.

using up server space

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You don’t know if your strategy is working

Generating your own content is undeniably a skill, but knowing the metrics that determine your content strategy’s success and adjusting your strategy accordingly is an entirely separate and disparate skill. While most content platforms will keep comprehensive user data, it takes a unique perspective to know how to read that data. Some metrics are more useful and telling than others and if you don’t know why scroll depth is more important than time on page or why post clicks are considered a vanity metric then you will undoubtedly need external assistance.


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