3 Reasons Business Continuity Planning is Essential, Even with Online Businesses

Maintaining and running a business is not always easy. You know it. Your competitors know it. Whether you’ve experienced it or not there are so many challenges that businesses face. In addition, there are challenges that pop up when a business is on its way to success. One of these challenges is business continuity plan. But what is it? This is where a business needs to continue to deliver its products and services to clients in spite of the effects of environmental factors. In essence, it’s what it takes to continue with the business.

A good business continuity plan should, therefore, look at the business as a whole with a goal of building resilience. To be ready for permanent and extended facility damage, a business should have continuous offsite applications, backup of data and server as well as have some arrangements in place for rerouting any linking calls to a new site or to other employee’s mobile number. Planning for anything that might occur even if it’s good is one of the most important things.

Here 3 reasons a business continuity plan is essential, even with online businesses.

3 Reasons Business Continuity Is Essential

  1. Maintaining business income

When any business disruption takes place such as a change in the market and you cannot offer your customers products and services then your business loses a lot. The question is not whether there was any loss caused but rather whether there was a major loss. Chances are at the end of the day there is a client who might not come to your business because of this. Unfortunately, this is normal for any kind of business disruption. Remember, even changing the events business’s calendar can make the clients and customers move away.

  1. Disasters usually happen

While not every disaster that happens is broadcasted on news, disasters usually happen. For instance, most internet and IT downtime is usually as a result of accidental, intentional damage to the computer, or even bad security habits. According to a study conducted by CompTia, 94% of people usually log in to the public WiFi regardless of the all risks involved. More than 69% of them access their work-related data through this WiFi. This means a virus or a ransomware attack can disrupt these operations as easily as a power outage.

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  1. The credibility of the business

The existence and the reputation of your business is also another important reason. Although it’s very important to continue earning profit what about the business itself? Even if your business can survive outage finance wise and continue to pay its own bills it does not mean that it can eventually last long. You still need a reputation to survive. You need a business that you can start afresh after the disruption. This is why having a business continuity plan is very important.

If you lack business continuity plan then you urgently need to establish one. The good thing is that starting one is very easy due to the kind of technology that’s currently in place. This means you don’t have to suffer losses and income because you cannot deliver important products and services to your customers. You can also look for experts to assist you to develop a good business continuity plan.

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