3 Inspiring Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Uncertain Times

Reinventing yourself is never easy.  This is especially true when the world seems to be in constant change and what was easier before now seems so much more challenging.  We can never get yesterday back.  What we can do is have an idea of where we see ourselves in the future and take the steps to get there. Even if it’s baby steps at first. We grow with our ideas and actions and increase our confidence our success step by step.

Where do we even begin?

Currently, we are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the entire world. It has changed how we live, work, and interact with others. While it is virtually impossible to have control over what is happening around us, we all have the ability to control the way we think about life itself. I’m sure we have all met people that feel that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.  While that person feels that it might be absolutely true, it is essential to instill a positive mindset within ourselves.

To reinvent yourself, it is important to acknowledge that if we focus on positivity and envision the great changes we want to make, we have the power to see that change. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Even if it means starting from the bottom, we need a mindset that is positive to work our way back up.

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STEP 1: Recreate Yourself 

Sometimes, all it takes is looking at a situation through a different lens. It often helps to see things from a different perspective. You should think to yourself, “How can I achieve success and happiness within my own life?”

As a population, we sometimes consider certain things as a measure of success and happiness. Here are a few of the examples that I have focused on, in no specific order:

Health: Am I working to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for myself?

Family: Do the people I am closest to feel the love I can offer? Am I spending too much time worrying about issues that are negative?

Time: Is my time being spent on the most important aspects of my life? Am I procrastinating and not focusing on the present?

Friends: Am I surrounded by the best people that can lead to my success? Do I feel the support and optimal motivation that people around me can offer?

Money: Am I setting realistic economic goals for my future?

Profession: Am I stuck in a cycle of unhappiness because of what I do?

Once you have had a chance to think about these key areas. Write your thoughts down! I cannot emphasize this enough.  Studies have demonstrated the importance of physically writing your goals down to visualize what you want to achieve in a given amount of time. Be able to clearly envision and prioritize what you need to do to see the success you want. Once this list is created, start small and put your attention on the smaller goals that can one day lead up to the much bigger ambitions.

When I told people that I was thinking about making a move from my comfortable and beautiful home to new city halfway around the world, my friends and family felt I was being illogical.  Indeed, their reasons made practical sense: I made a stable income from a great job and I created an amazing life for myself with fantastic friends and family. However, on an emotional level, I knew I needed to be with my children who were living far away, and I wanted to find the true love that was missing from my life. These were the objectives I had when manifesting a new life for myself.

STEP 2: Be Willing to Take Risks Because You Believe in Yourself 

Once my goals were set and I had the motivation to see change, I felt bold enough to dive in with confidence.  Although it was difficult, I said yes to new opportunities and I realized that not taking advantage of certain opportunities would lead to worse consequences than if I did take the risk. I have always said that I will regret what I do not try. Why go through life wondering what could have been?

Be ready to take risks and believe in what you are reaching for.

Did you know that world-renown author J. K. Rowling had her manuscript rejected twelve times by different publishers? If she had given up after facing rejection after rejection, “Harry Potter” would not be one of the best-selling series in history.

STEP 3: Be Ready to Learn 

In Venezuela in the 1970’s, Luis Alberto Machado, Secretary of Intellectual Development, was on a mission to help the country understand that every individual has the intelligence needed to achieve literally anything in life if they have the abilities: To Want, To Believe, and To Learn.

Each time I wanted to create a new version of myself, I immersed myself in the knowledge I had to gain. I went back to school, I conducted my own research, I went for new licenses and degrees. The journey I took taught me about sales, financial products, preservatives in cosmetics, all which helped me to realize that I could use my newly attained skills in all elements of my life.

Reinvention means taking on fears and perhaps a lot of work.  To reinvent or not to reinvent? That is the question. The only way to answer this question is to discover our purpose in life and then create a business and a lifestyle that supports that purpose.  You may truly be surprised that your efforts will make you more content than you have ever been before.

Susana ZinnAbout the author:

Susana Zinn is a noted business leader, having lead companies around the world in the public relations, financial, manufacturing, and insurance industries.  Life events forced Susana to reinvent herself five times, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of how to mold her future and the importance of a positive attitude.  Currently, Susana is an independent life insurance agent living in Los Angeles, CA.



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  1. Hello, 

    This was a positive upbeat article 

    We certainly are living in very uncertain times right now. 

    Many of us are thinking seriously about our current lives and how happy we are. 

    I like that you set out gradual steps for change as it’s too easy to be over ambitious about what we can acheive and then be discouraged when you fall short.

    Best wishes, 


  2. Hi Susanna, thank you for the inspiring post which I find useful in my self-evaluation towards identifying where I need to increase efforts to ensure the actualisation of my life goals. It is absolutely true that when we focus on the positive, we attract positive things. We seem to need extra energy to get this right; however, every effort needed to direct our thoughts in the right direction is worth it. The 3 steps you discussed are vital to personal development and self-actualisation. I have a question based on step 2; what is the best way to address a situation where a person has a personal conviction to go in a certain direction, but the parents disagree with it.

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