3 Great Examples Of Outbound Marketing That Still Work For Small Businesses!

In the marketing world, everyone is talking about inbound methods and tactics. It’s believed the days of outbound marketing are long gone. With the clear effectiveness of content marketing there for everyone to see, it’s hard to argue against these claims.

However, saying outbound marketing is well and truly dead would be a lie. There are still examples of certain tactics and methods that are highly effective in 2017 and beyond.

Outbound marketing small business

Trade Shows

Trade shows are by far one of the most effective outbound marketing techniques to this day. In fact, they’re one of the best marketing tactics, period. With a trade show, you set up a booth and talk to many people that walk around the trading floor throughout the day. You can entertain hundreds, possibly even thousands of people during a trade show. This spreads the word about your business while also being a really great way to gain new customers and clients. It’s especially effective when you attend industry-specific trade shows. Here, you know that everyone at the trade show is going to be your target market as they’re attending something that’s for a specific industry.

SMS Marketing

It’s safe to say that every customer you have will own a smartphone and carry it around with them everywhere. As such, the appeal of SMS marketing is massive. Technically, you can do both inbound or outbound methods with this tactic. However, outbound is the most effective. You send customers messages with news of offers or things that interest them. They get the message straight to their phone and see it right away. The key is to use an SMS marketing provider that lets you personalize every message. This makes customers feel like you’re talking to them specifically rather than sending out a general message. It connects with them more, and they’re increasingly likely to click on any links and return to your business in the future.

TV Commercials

Even with the rise of streaming platforms, people are still watching lots of Tvs. Especially during big shows such as Game of Thrones or popular sporting events. As such, buying a TV commercial in a prime time slot is a great way to promote your business. There could be millions of people tuning in and seeing your advert. It’s bound to appeal to a large portion of people who may end up becoming customers. This is one of the oldest marketing methods, but it’s still a beauty.

The whole point of these examples is to show that outbound marketing still exists and is still effective. It’s all about choosing the right methods to use for your campaign. Shy away from things like direct mail and email marketing. People get so much junk mail they discard it without thinking. Likewise, email clients like Gmail have settings that filter promo mail out of your main inbox so your targets might not even see what you’re sending.

Be smart with your outbound marketing strategy and use it in conjunction with inbound techniques. This gives a well-rounded and effective marketing campaign that elicits great results.



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