3 Different Ways Of Storing Your Work

Your business and work need to be saved and stored somewhere. These places need to be secure so that important information is not lost or accessed by strangers. There are a few different ways of storing things, and each has its own pluses and negatives.

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Hard Drives

When you are working on your computer the most likely place for you to save your work is on your hard drive. Almost every type of work will have an easy save and save as option for you to choose a folder to save your work to. When making folders and naming your work, you should try to be as descriptive as possible so that you know where all of your documents and files are located or can easily search for the one that you need. When picking a file name, it can be best to follow the convention of ‘Year, Month, Date, Document Title’, and this would look something like 2017-12-27 – Invoice 001. Naming your files this way means that if you sort your folder, then they will be ordered from newest to oldest or vise-versa and it will make finding the appropriate file much easier. You can use the same naming convention when naming folders, too. You should not rely fully on saving items onto your hard drive. They can break or become corrupted over time, so you should always make sure that you have backuped your work.

Real World Storage

The chances are that your work already has some form of paper filling system where it keeps paper copies of specific documents. While digital versions have replaced much of what paper documents can do, there are certain documents that can not be saved digitally. This might be documents with signatures or printed copies for an easy way to show other people. Either way, you physical filling and storage system should be similar to your digital one so everything can be found as easily as possible. Your business might also store other things that are not paperwork such as cleaning supplies, water in steel tanks or stationery, and each of these needs its own home and to be found when needed. However, when it comes to paper documents, you should take care that you aren’t replicating work you have already done on your computer. Think carefully about whether something needs printing as the process costs both time and money.


Cloud storage is the future, and a lot of businesses already use it for much of their work. It works in a similar way to your computer hard drive, but you always have access to your documents and files wherever you are. This means that you do not need to worry about having to backup files in case something goes wrong with your hardware. Instead, you can access your work on your computer, phone or tablet at the press of a button. More and more companies are moving their storage onto the cloud, is it something you should consider doing too?


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