2018 – What’s In Store For Online Businesses?

Is your online business all ready for the new year? If you haven’t already thought about this yet, now is the time you did. We’re currently speeding through November and, before you know it, 2018 will be knocking on our doors! So, now is the time to prepare your business for the upcoming year.

Ready to think ahead to 2018? Here are some of the predicted trends that might hit online companies. Make sure that you are ready in case one of these hits you!

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The Cloud And Data Centers Are Crucial

For the past few years, more and more small businesses and online companies have been moving most of their data and information onto the Cloud and into data centers. Come next year, it is predicted that every single online business will have something stored on the Cloud. If you haven’t embraced this modern tech yet, you can click here to find out more about them. It’s basically just a super-safe way of saving all of your sensitive data and information.

Tell A Story With Your Advertisements

From next year, any advertisement that you run will need to tell a story. If possible, it should tell a small part of an overall story told by your campaign. We all know that the public isn’t too keen on too many adverts, but research has actually found that ads that tell a story actually aren’t viewed quite as unfavorably. So, make sure that there is some background to your advertising campaigns next year, and you might find that more people will respond.

Written Content Moves Over For Video

Content is still king right now, and it will prove to be so in 2018 as well. However, content looks set to change slightly. So far, it’s all been about written content. Next year, many content experts are forecasting a shift towards video content as more companies discover that it’s much easier to get their audience to engage with it.

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Businesses Will Take Up Instant Messaging

We all send texts and instant messages to our friends and family every day, so why don’t we message the businesses that we use in this way? Well, we will from next yet! A lot more companies are now incorporating instant messaging into their customer service strategy. This is all thanks to chatbots. These intelligent bots can chat online or via text to your customers, and can do anything from sell products to help answer FAQs.

Collaborations Will Come To The Fore

It looks like local businesses will start to collaborate more from 2018 as well. From organizing pop-up shops together to putting their heads together to create innovative new products, businesses will finally understand the power of working together.

So, which one of the above trends do you think you will embrace when 2018 rolls around? Of course, you should keep in mind that these are just forecasts and predictions – they might not come to fruition. Something else that no one has thought of might happen, in fact!


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