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  1. With respect to Google Search Console, should I be using that more than Google Analytics? I’ve always checked my stats through GA but now I’m thinking maybe it needs to be the other way around? Also I always thought I needed to have a lot of traffic before setting up an e-blast. And I thought that Constant Contact was the name of the game, but they are pretty pricey. I will check out SandPulse. Your posts are spot-on and I enjoy receiving them first thing in the morning as they keep me focused and on target with my goals. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy

      Well Google Analytics will give you the indepth information about all your traffic including organic traffic, however where GA falls short is that the majority of keywords that your visitors are using to find your website are hidden. This is where Google Search Console comes in – you can access all the search terms people are using to find your site. However with Google Search Console you won’t find any information for any other traffic on your website such as social traffic.

      I have never heard of Constant Contact, if they are pricey I wouldn’t advise using them to start with. Mailchimp and Sendpulse both offer a free account for up to 2500 subscribers so I would go with one of them and I recommend Sendpulse because they are easier to use, they offer more and when you do start paying they are cheaper.

      Why would you want to wait to start email marketing? Seriously take the time to create an account and design a subscribe form for your website and start building your list. You may have only a little traffic but every single visitor that you has the possibility of being subscriber that you can market to indefinitely when you are ready to take that step. It costs nothing but a bit of time to get started and it will pay off big time in the future. The same goes for push notifications – I highly recommend it.

  2. Hi and thanks for this article. I think you have broken down the process of creating and running your own website very well indeed. You cover off each point in enough detail to explain to a site visitor, without overwhelming them with information. I hope to hear of more of how your journey with Wealthy Affiliate goes in the future when I return to your site again. Thanks, Kenny 

  3. I want to say that I am doing all of these except one. Social media. Do you think that today is very important to have facebook page, twetter account, pinterest etc to succeed online? Can we make a success in online business without that social media? In any case great article for beginners but also for experienced marketers.

    • Daniel yes i do feel that you can find success without using social media, however it does play a big part in building your authority online and also having social signals is really important. 

      I have always made use of social media for my websites and it plays a large role in my business. I get anything from about 300 to over 1000 visitors a day to my main business website from Pinterest! 

  4. Hey Lynne, I have bookmarked your site as I’m new to this and I have only been at this for just under six weeks. Boy do you know your stuff. I found a wealth of information here and I hope you don’t mind, but I will be coming back here all the time and using this site as a point of reference and educating myself on the important parts of affiliate marketing and making money online.

    Thanks Emma

    • Hi Emma

      I’ve got 6 websites now so I’ve learned through repetition, I have my process and my checklist. You will understand things better as you spend more time working on your website. I’m happy to help 🙂 

  5. Very good article, it points perfectly what you need to do when you start your site.

    Many people don’t know that Google Analytics is the most important part into the traffic part, since you know how many people are coming to the site.

    Starting a site isn’t to hard, but you need to know what you’re doing, if you’re doubting, it is best to look for information.

    This is how I found your post and I have to say that you took away lots of doubts for me.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

    • Hi Emmanuel

      It is a pleasure. I would have loved a list like this when I started my first website! I’m glad you found it useful. 

  6. Am so thrilled that I got to see this post from Lynn as it is all the information I need to help a newbie get up and running with her new business venture with Wealthy Affiliate. As I live a distance away from her, even though only a phone call away, this information will help her feel more confident that she is doing the right things.

    Starting any new business is daunting but when you are not that conversant with online and internet jargon, it makes it even more so. 

    I have bookmarked this article and will be calling my friend first thing in the morning.

    Thank you, Lynn. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jill 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed this post. I believe that the person you are talking about is in the next town to me? Lauren said she is going to pass on my number so I may just get to meet her soon!

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