12 Epic Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Every business is striving to reach more customers and trying to find unique and effective ways to market their business. There are plenty of creative and fun ways to market your business, both online and offline, that will help you to reach your potential customers.

12 Epic Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Get Wall Murals

Have catchy wall murals done on the interior walls of your business. Interior wall murals should be arty and become a focus point for conversation. Getting wall murals done on the exterior of your business has the potential to inform passersby of your business and can draw people in.

You can also contact your municipality and see if you can get permission to sponsor a mural on a prominent building in your community , then add your company branding in a tasteful and creative way.

Wall Mural

Take Advantage Of Pinterest Marketing

Most businesses are on Facebook, some are on Twitter and other social networks, but many are not yet on Pinterest and this can be a gold mine when it comes to website traffic. It may take you a little time to understand how Pinterest works, but once you figure it out you will be so glad you did.

Go Old School With Flyers

If you have a local business have some flyers made up and pound the pavements in your area and surrounds. Chat to people and let the public see your face. There is nothing quite like going old school and connecting personally with your target market.

Business Man Planning

Vehicle and Trailer Graphics

Your vehicles are all potential marketing tools. So make sure to invest in trailer graphics as soon as possible. The beauty of utilizing your vehicles is that they are out and about in the public during working hours and potential customers that are driving around will be exposed to them on a regular basis. The more vehicles and trailers you have the more marketing tools at your disposal.

Make sure to have some catchy designs done and include contact details for your company.

Get A Plane To Fly A Banner

What better way to catch your audiences attention than having your banner flying behind a plane while business people are stuck in rush hour traffic!

This method may be a big cost upfront, but the potential return of earnings is huge. You will be able to reach a huge amount of people in the exact location that you are targeting.

Contests And Giveaways

Grow your social media following and reach through contests on your social media channels. Giveaways on Instagram are huge and reach a lot of people. It is a great way to market your business.

Influencer Marketing

Contact online influencers in your niche and find out how much they charge to promote your business to their followers. Target a number of influencers to help you with marketing your business. Influencer marketing is very much on trend and can often be  much more effective than more traditional marketing methods.

Create videos

Market On Youtube

Youtube has been a very effective marketing tool for a long time. Create videos showcasing your business to help customers find you. You can also create some behind the scenes videos which will give your customers better insight into what you offer and the type of business you are.

Guest Blog

Find some blogs in your niche that offer guest posting and submit articles to them. This is a great way to showcase your expertise, gain links back to your website and to increase your business’s reach online.


Networking Events

There are some amazing networking events happening all the time. Research online and go to as many as you possibly can. Go with a friendly face and meet and greet as many people as you can. Don’t forget to have your business cards and brochures ready for anyone that is interested.

Set Up An Affiliate Program

Why do all the hard work yourself? Set up an affiliate program so that your affiliates market your business for you and you pay them commission on any sales they bring in. If they make no sales then you have spent no money, and if they do bring in business they get rewarded.

Create Branded Merchandise

Have some branded goodies made up to hand out to existing customers and possible customers. Diaries, pens, notepads, bags and other useful items branded with your company logo and phone number will create brand awareness and goodwill. Everyone loves a free and useful gift.



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