11 Tips To Create Killer Titles That Get More Clicks

When it comes to blog posts, articles and presentations and the like, the title is the most important part of them as it’s the first thing people see and ultimately, whether they will click on it or not! Especially since the title is what people will see in Google when they type and search something with a keyword search.

And both online and offline articles rely on the title to tell people, in as few words as possible, what the article is about. So that’s why you should make sure that the titles you use in your blog posts and presentations (both online & offline) are “people friendly”. As well as search engine friendly too!

Article titles have that double purpose to them, in that people use them to know what the article is about. And in that search engines like Google use them to also know what the article is about, so that they can show that article in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) to the people that search for them.

So if you want to see a big difference in how many clicks your titles get, both on your site and in the SERP’s, you need to bear this in mind about making your titles people and search friendly.

And to help you even more, here’s 11 pointed tips to create killer titles that get more clicks!

11 Tips To Create Killer Titles That Get More Clicks

1. You need to make your article or blog titles describe exactly what the topic of that article and or blog post is about. So the reader knows what it’s about before they have even clicked on it.

2. Creating a good keyword friendly / enriched title is key to getting more clicks on your articles. They need to be people friendly as well as search engine friendly too.

3. You should put your targeted keywords in the first part of the title. That way, the search engine spiders don’t have to crawl all of it before they can even index it.

4. Your titles should be written for the Internet so that they are interesting, appealing and intriguing. So much so that the reader drops everything and wants to read it.

5. Professional article writers write short but catchy titles. Make them too long and it gives people time to decide not to read it. It needs to say all it needs. No more and no less than this is perfect.

6. Titles that are questions naturally get more clicks than statement like titles. Use words like “How” and “Why” and “What” etc along with a question mark at the end of course!

7. It’s good to spend some extra time crafting the perfect title as that will result in more clicks and more readers of your article. Sometimes it’s good to experiment and try different titles to see which works best.

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8. You should form your titles so that they arouse people’s curiosity. It should be formatted in a way that creates a sense of urgency to them. As though it’s imperative they read it else their life wont be complete.

9. The title should be written out in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Adding catch phrases to them will make them more appealing but it should be written so that it makes sense to people.

10. If you can’t think up good words to use in your title. Get the Thesaurus out! Look up words that are similar and common and it will not only make writing the titles quicker for you, but mean more intelligent titles too.

11. Some things you should absolutely never do in your title are;

(A) Never make a title promotional in nature (people don’t like being sold to)

(B) Never make mention of your product in the title unless you are targeting the keywords for it.

(C) Never make mention of your website in the title unless you are trying to rank for your brand name.

(D) Never use periods at the end of your title. They are only used at the end of sentences.


If you want to get more clicks and traffic to your articles having an awesome title is essential. Pay close attention to your article and put some work in to make sure it’s as good as it can be using these 11 title tips.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Great tips! I have been having troubles coming up with titles that I feel will draw readers in, and after reading through these I will definitely be implementing these tips to do better.

    I never thought of using a thesaurus before, that is such a great idea! And I think I will have to make more question titles, this is something I haven’t thought of either!

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I would add that all these tips are just as applicable to subheadings, which should also be included throughout every piece of content.

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