100 Ways to Become A Millionaire – Part One (1-20)

All us want to be financially free and if you are reading this post most likely you aren’t quite there yet. I find the millionaire concept quite amusing now because years ago a million was a pile of money but now quite frankly it isn’t that much. Although I suppose this is all about perspective isn’t it? If you don’t have a million that it is a lot of money… but if you do have it you’ll probably find it doesn’t stretch quite as far as you would like.

So here are some ideas on how to become a millionaire, not all of these will be logical, legal or sane… this post is really much more for fun so yes some of it might be silly.

Of course there might just be something here that works for you. And if you become a millionaire after reading this post then please come back and let us know so we can give that option a try.

In Part One of this series are the first 20 ways to become a millionaire. Watch our for Part Two next week Monday!

100 Ways to Become a Millionaire: Anything Goes in this List! (1-20)

1 Marry A Millionaire

It might sounds crazy but this may just work. Of course I am sure there may be many challenges actually getting your own hands on a million this way and there are things to consider like prenups so you would have to do your homework.

Here is a little help for you, yes there is actually a book you can buy at Amazon called How to Marry A Millionaire. It is a serious book and gives instructions on how to bag yourself a rich spouse.

how to marry a millionaire

2 Meditate Your Way to a Million

Another interesting way to try and reach your million, yes you can program your millionaire mind simply through meditation. Anyone willing to give this one a go?

Meditate your way to a million

3 Vlog your way to Millions

Apparently the richest Youtube blogger is DisneyCollectorBR, according to some Google searches this lady has made $13 million. The interesting thing is that nobody actually knows who she is, all she does is blog about toys and Disney things.

Then there is also the story about the teenager that became a millionaire by sharing videos of himself playing video games. This option certainly looks interesting and from what I understand this industry is growing hugely.

4 Become a Millionaire by Winning the Lotto

This sounds like a bit of a shot in the dark right? But Richard, the author of this book claims he has come up with a method that he and family members have used to win several lottery game grand prizes. Apparently this method can be used on any type of lottery or scratch cards in any country. You can buy this book at Amazon.

Become a millionaire by winning the lotto

5 Become a Millionaire Plumber


This guy, Paul Brackley, claims he can teach you in 10 steps how to become a millionaire plumber. Ok I’m not so sure about this one. Surely you would need to invest a whack of money into a plumbing business and build it up slowly until you reach a million?

This is a FREE 5 part email mini course, so if you are a plumber perhaps see what Paul has to say!

Sign up for this Millionaire Plumber course.

Become a Millionaire Plumber


6 Become a Millionaire by inheriting from relatives

So this is another tricky one. We all want to get rich right, but what are you willing to do for it? Do you have a relative that has lots of money and no dependents? Are you willing to suck up in the hopes that you will inherit this relatives money?

How far will you be willing to go to get this money? You might end up wiping his/ her bum for 5 years towards the end and then find the old biddy has donated to charity. Well then I think good riddance, this is not a nice way to try and get rich. It is not honest or nice. Look after your family and your elders because you want to, not for their money!

If you do choose to try this out then I suggest you do your research, there are lots of nitty gritty things that go into the law of succession! Even if you are named in the will you might not end up cashing out so do your homework.

7 Become a Millionaire through Binary Trading Options

There are loads of websites claiming you can get rich through binary trading and yes almost overnight with hardly any investment… and a lot of them say on autopilot too. Oh dear where have we heard this? Read my post on how to get rich fast and for free for my views on this.

I’ve reviewed one binary trading options website and my personal opinion is that one is a scam so I certainly won’t refer you there.

The hard thing here is that I personally know nothing about online trading, and I see almost all of it as a scam. However my husband has tried out eToro and declared it an excellent way to learn online trading and he has earned a fair big on this website. He also made a nasty loss one week when he (as he puts it) “got greedy and took his eye off the ball”.  I will be reviewing eToro soon, so watch out for that.

So please note that this is a risky way to try and make money, but hey it is possible to it goes on this list.

Try eToro now.

become a millionaire through binary trading options

8 Become A Millionaire Pornstar

Ok this isn’t for the faint-hearted for sure, but there are lots of people (men and women) that have hit it big with this career choice.

9 Become a Reality Star Millionaire

Are you an extrovert? Well this is the career for you.

You can apply here, as of today (15 February 2016) there are 113 openings you can apply for at Backstage. Before you apply check out these steps on how to be chosen as a reality star on Wikihow.

10 Become A Playboy Bunny and earn millions

Yes you will become famous by becoming a Playboy Bunny! After this you might even be able to also take advantage of a number of other ideas in this post such as marry a millionaire, become a reality star and/ or become an actor in adult movies. Look at Holly Madison, she married a millionaire and has her own reality show!

Click here for some information on how to become a Playboy Bunny.

Here’s something I haven’t really shared much, but I have a cousin that is a Playboy Bunny. I kid you not. My dad and her dad are first cousins. My maiden surname is Fairbrother, so check out Jade Fairbrother playmate of the year 2012!

become a playboy bunny and earn millions

This just goes to prove that ordinary folk like me and you can do things like this if we choose to. Yeah ok, but I’ll stick to being a boring, married mommy of 2 that blogs…

11 Rob a bank

Yes I know this is not a nice way to go about it, but we are looking at all possibilities here. I think a problem with this is that the risk to benefit ratio here is just not favorable at all.

Here is an article that explains how Clay Tumey robbed banks, yes a convicted bank robber that robbed numerous banks. So he robbed loads of banks… but he also got caught. Not so sure about his advice then right?

But that is fine I am not about to rob a bank. If you do plan on doing that I suggest you do your research as I think it is becoming more and more difficult to get right and the money available when you rob a bank is less from what I understand. More risk and less cash?

12 Commit Fraud

I don’t know what is more concerning, that fact that I put this on my list… or the fact that I found an article online titled How to Commit Fraud and Get Away With It. You will find anything online if you look for it I suppose.

Once again this is on my list because it is not easy coming up with 100 ways to become a millionaire (and I’m only on number 12) and this is a viable (if terrible) option!

13 Start a Multi Level Marketing company

Get yourself a product, set up your multi level marketing business model and off you go. If you read my article on multi level marketing you will know I am not keen on this business model at all, but hey it is better than robbing a bank right?

Just remember to have your exit planned and ready, this is in my opinion not a sustainable business model so make sure you have everything planned ahead for when it bombs out. By this I mean take your profit and run for the hills!

14 Try out one of these online schemes that claim to make you rich overnight

Yeah if you really want to give this a go I suppose there is nothing to stop you… then again if you are on my website you are most likely looking for an honest way to make real money online. Most likely you have already learned your lesson with these schemes if you are here.

Click here if you want to read what I have to say about making money online fast.

If you still believe that you can make money online fast, well there are more than 100 companies to try out so that could’ve been my list easily… Millionaire in PJ’s is an example, also have a look at Coffee Shop Millionaire. They are all the same really. The concept is you can make money online fast and easily, on autopilot and with hardly any work. Keen to try that?  Click on those links and read my reviews first… Well don’t say I didn’t warn you!

15 Start your very own Ponzi Scheme

Yes, its not legal but hey let’s put it out there. Why? Because loads of people have done it and it worked for them. Remember if you are at the top of a ponzi scheme you are all good to go, it is the people that come in last that are in for trouble. So starting your very own ponzi scheme could be really profitable!

16 Start your very own Pyramid Scheme

This is very similar to a ponzi scheme, but a pyramid scheme doesn’t even pretend to have a product. A ponzi scheme the people involved think that they are involved in an investment. With a pyramid scheme at least nobody pretends. It is a simple transaction you pay money to be a part of it and you recruit others and earn part of the money they pay to be a part of it. Nice and simple.

Once again joining a pyramid scheme is risky especially if you are not joining in the beginning, but if you start one? I think you could make some good money. Even so I don’t suggest this personally.

17 Ask for a Million

Yes I know this sounds strange at first but let me just tell you a little story. A couple of years ago I was driving around and at the robot (yes laugh, I am South African, if you are a different nationality insert traffic light here) and a man was standing there with a sign that said he wanted to go away on holiday and he doesn’t want to work and save for it. Please help! I laughed at this and put a R5 in his tin. And you know what? I saw a lot of people putting money in  his tin!

ask for a million

We have a lot of people begging here in South Africa and I don’t give. Call me crazy but I just think that I work my butt off and my money is mine. Perhaps if I knew what these beggars were really spending their money on I would give sometimes but you just don’t know. I once had someone ask me for money for food for herself and her children. As luck would have it I had food in the car that I hadn’t eaten for lunch so I gave it to her. Driving away I saw her throw it in a bush on the side of the road. So much for that huh? And this is a common occurrence. They don’t want food, they want money. Very often this is for drugs and/ alcohol. I know this because I am an addict and an alcoholic. I am clean now and I will not support someone else’s addiction habit!

But this guy wanting to go on holiday… why not help him? At least he was honest about it and had a sense of humor. I’ve also seen other websites where people have a donate button, to donate to whatever it is they want their money for. I’m not sure how all of this works but maybe it is worth looking into?

I read an article a number of years ago in a local magazine where research showed that these beggars earn on average more than the middle income earners in our country. I remember thinking hey, these beggars make more in a month than I do. So don’t diss it till you’ve tried it!

Hang on, I think I need to add a donate button to my website! Help me make a million and take my kids on an overseas trip. Oh and buy a new house, buy a new car….. I’ll have to have a whole page telling you all the things I will do spending the money you donate to me. I can promise you that I will spend it well.

18 Domain Swap your way to a Million

Have you ever heard of domain swapping? Simply put this is buying and selling domains for profit. You can read a little more about how you can make money with domains here.

So yes start your own online business in domain swapping. This is certainly a valid way to make money online. Of course with any real opportunity you need to learn how to do it properly! This may also take some time. Being a real and legitimate opportunity means you need to be realistic about your time frames!

19 Sell off your Assets

I’m not quite sure why you would want to do this, but you can maybe get a million selling off all your things. Do you have a house? A Car? Yay! Sell the lot and see how much cash you get, maybe it will be a million!

20 Start your Own Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a great idea. Low costs to start up and there is an unlimited number of buyers online that you can tap into. You just need to learn how!

My personal feeling is that this is the way the world is going, everything is going online.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know in the comments what you think and yes if you have any more ideas let me know so I can include them in the rest of this series. 

And I leave you with a little musical inspiration for the week. Best of luck with your ventures whatever they may be!



Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Lynne,
    That’s a very interesting post, it made me laugh and actually mocked the little crazy side of me which thinks that there are miraculous ways to become a millionaire..well there are and you have listed them so that’s how it is done!

    Seriously anyone reading this post will realize that they actually have a very practical way and that would be known only when they scroll down to the last point i.e point 20.. and logically meditation may sound like stupid for those who want to make money but I believe it too is very necessary since becoming a millionaire has a lot to do with his mindset.

    • Hi Hari
      Yes I agree with you, having the right mindset is essential. Meditation and positive affirmations and all that jazz will be a great addition to hard work! I just don’t believe anyone can just plug in their millionaire mind and think their way to riches 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. Hi Lynne. I have really enjoyed reading this article. I am still chuckling at a few of your suggestions. I think I might rob a bank or become a porn star! Lol!! Anyway, affiliate marketing does sound like a very good option. Is there a really good program out there that offers training on affiliate marketing?

  3. Hi lynn.
    Love your website, it has lots of information that im looking for.
    Some really interesting reading.
    Unfortunately the playboy bunny wont work for me.
    Cheers David

    • Hi David

      And why not? LOL Yeah I’m not sure that option would be viable for a lot of people but it has to be put out there 🙂

  4. Great and comical peice. Very informative and knowledgeable. You showed great insight in the process of affiliate marketing, as well as bank robbing haha. Everything is laid out perfectly and accordingly. The pictures are also very relevant. Great work with the website on a whole. Incredibly impressive and well laid out

    • Thanks Daniel, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. We all need a bit of silliness every now and then 🙂

  5. Hi, Lynne.

    Haha, this was an amazing read and I had a good laugh too. Some of the options are just too darn unique but they are still options lol.

    One option that I’m considering is eToro, because I won’t have a lot to lose, and some friends are making money with it. It’s like Lotto, and gambling is always appealing to us lol. Domain buying and selling is another good option as well.

    But as long as we’re talking about making millions, in my opinion, a starting is to go and read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think & Grow Rich”. It’s the best thing that I’ve read in my entire life. I also noticed that many online companies that are making millions have based their philosophy on the instructions from the book.

    It’s a powerful mind and subconscious mind training and a great way of living. I’m reading it for the second time now and planning to read it at least 10 times. If you haven’t already, give it a read and tell me what you think.


    • Hi Imad

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I had loads of fun writing it. My husband swears that eToro is the best place to learn about online trading and make money… I don’t really see it that way.

      Nope, I’ve never read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think & Grow Rich”, I’ll add that to my reading list. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A robot = a traffic light? SA has weird names. LOL.

    I have all those ideas. Yes, even on becoming a porn star. But thinking of having to “stand up” that long, it will hurt in the long term.

    Ponzi scheme is the one that really enticed me. I even plan the details but couldnt pull it through. I am a nice guy after all.

    So I picked the legal way of making a million. Can’t wait for the next part of this post.

    • LOL Arief apparently foreigners find our use of the word robot very amusing 🙂

      Yeah that’s thing with a starting a scam like a ponzi or pyramid scheme… you might make your million but will you sleep at night?

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Had a good read through your site and I have seen some ideas that have me thinking. Would like No1. but the wife will not let me. But still a few more I can look into further.

    • Hahaha Steve, yes maybe I should’ve mentioned only appropriate for single folk and not married?

      Perhaps you can be a Playboy Bunny?

  8. Hey Lynne

    I love this post!! Had a good laugh as well!

    I fully agree with your affiliate marketer option 🙂

    The beauty about learning affiliate marketing and building you business that way is that you not only earn while you learn, but what you learn can open so many other doors for you…

    Website design
    internet marketing

    Just to name a few. And these are all skills and services that companies are willing to pay top dollar for!

    All you need is the right training and support!

    Keep up the awesome work Lynne!


    Marc Parsons

    • Hi Marc
      I’m glad to give you a laugh. As an affiliate marketer I totally agree with you! But there are some people that are looking for other ways to make it big so I thought I’d better make a comprehensive list for them 🙂

  9. This artitcle made me cringe in some spots, so props to you for that 😀

    Becoming a millionaire seems impossible to those who are not. But I think your mindset and dedication plays a big role in succeeding.

    • Hi Julius

      I’m not sure if the fact you cringed means you enjoyed it or hated it 🙂 Yes definitely those two factors play a huge role.

  10. Hey Lynne, I’ve been a plumber for over 28 years and never made a million dollars in the industry. Great post, and yes there are many ways to make a million but one must find one that’s good for them. Thanks!

    • Hi William

      Great, I’ve been waiting for a plumber’s take on that one! Perhaps you need the book to see how to make millions with this career?

  11. Great article Lynne. I have had a more than a few experiences with some of the methods to make a million that you talk about here. Mainly, “make money online fast”, multi level marketing and pyramid schemes,

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one on the top of the pyramid. I’m sure you can guess how that worked out. I’m really glad that I stumbled across affiliate marketing. I could tell right away that this opportunity was not just effective, but honest as well as there were really none of the false claims that you see with other opportunities.

    Can’t wait for part 2 to come out. Now I’m gonna go rob a bank!

    • Hi Chris
      Thanks for your feedback. Yeah I can only imagine where you went with mlm and pyramid schemes.
      Oh dear, do you get internet access in prison? Just worried you won’t be able to contact us and tell us all about being a bank robber!

  12. Gotta say Lynne this was a pretty fun read. I about burst out laughing when I saw the headline of rob a bank!

    Done a few of these (not to millionaire level) and seen some success. Looking forward to more great lists like this!

    • Hey James

      Yeah I haven’t tried to rob a bank yet. I am still in the planning phase… 🙂 LOL

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read, I think it is always good to get silly every now and then.

  13. Lynne, this is by far the funniest article I’ve read on your blog so far. I’m going to miss your scam-review vlogs on YouTube but after reading this article, I don’t think it’s that depressing because you still have the talent to be funny, entertaining and informative about whatever you’re writing or speaking about. Now, let me go make a reality show about a porn star who wants to make a ponzi-pyramid-scheme for bank robbers…

    • Hi David, I may still do some scam reviews, who knows. However it is just like I said in my Facebook message to you all this get rich schemes and online opportunities have blurred into the same boring thing for me. Almost every thing I come across is BS and I believe I can bring so much more to people by sharing my online marketing knowledge.

      I don’t have to write a review on things, I would rather just be asked and I can reply and just say, nope that is another BS ponzi scheme!

      About that reality show right? Can I have a look at your business plan? You know just to have a giggle and see if it is viable? You know what there are such crazy things on TV now that it might just even work.

  14. Know, I’m doing number 3, 18, and 20. So in near future, i’ll gonna be a millionaire too right?

    • James you have a better chance of making it to being a millionaire with those than wishing your way there!

      I’ve always been intrigued by domain swapping, but I am not sure that is something I want to get into. I am also into vlogging and of course affiliate marketing 🙂

      Let me know when you get there 🙂

  15. my dream is to become millionaire in 5 years i am a small business man due to financial crises i have great business ideas if any one helps me financially i will prove my self to become one of the top millionaires list

  16. I have a blog and have been working on the affiliate marketing. Bank robbing, committing fraud, pyramid schemes, and the like aren’t my style, but affiliate may get me there. Great article. Thanks for the entertainment.

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