10 Ways To Market Your Youtube Videos

So you’ve created some Youtube videos and you are ready to publish them, but keep in mind that merely publishing your Youtube videos will not mean that you will get any views or any loyal fans to your channel. It takes some effort to market your Youtube videos to them in front of the right people.

Here are 10 ways to market your Youtube videos:

10 ways to market your Youtube videos

1 SEO Your Youtube Videos Properly

If you SEO your Youtube videos properly you are bound to get some organic traffic to your Youtube channel and your videos. It is one of the easiest ways to build your channel. It may take a while to build your channel up in this way, but it will ensure that you receive regular traffic many years to come.

First do a little bit of keyword research, then make sure to write a catchy title with your keywords in, include your keywords in your video file name, your description and in the tags to your video. Make sure that your description is lengthy and create a custom thumbnail for your video.

2 Include Call To Action

Ask your viewers to give your video a thumbs up, to subscribe, to leave a comment and to share your video if they like it. You will be surprised how effective this can be for building your channel.

Market on social media channels

3 Share Your Videos On Social Media

Sharing your videos on social media is a great way to make people aware of your channel and you don’t need to spend a cent to do that either.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest are great places to share your videos. If you don’t have social media pages set up for your business yet make sure to get onto those 5 big social networks. Pinterest is an amazing place to share your videos and they can be watched from within Pinterest which is a bonus.

Check your settings in Youtube, you can add some of your social media channels and automatically share your videos to Twitter and Google Plus when they are published which can save you some time and effort.

4 Embed Your Youtube Videos On Your Blog

If you already have a blog then embedding your Youtube videos into blog posts would be a great way to let your readers know about your channel. If you don’t have a blog yet you can create a WordPress blog in just a few minutes.

5 Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly effective and if you are not already building a list you are losing out for sure. You can embed your Youtube video into your emails or just add a link to your Youtube video within your emails. It is quick and cost effective to market your Youtube videos to your subscribers.

6 Paid Advertising for Youtube Videos

If you are keen to invest in some marketing for your Youtube videos Google Adwords is a relatively cheap and cost effective way to drive people to your channel.

You can also consider paid advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.

7 Hire A Youtube SEO Expert

Hiring a Youtube SEO expert is a great way to promote your Youtube videos, you make the videos and leave the promotion to the experts. This can be highly effective and if you choose the right freelancer or company to do this job for you, you could find this a powerful way to market.

8 Network In Your Niche

Don’t underestimate the power of networking with authorities and fellow bloggers in your niche, whether it be on Quora, Youtube, social network groups on Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn, as well as on Reddit.

If you are promoting a science fiction movie then join forums in the science fiction niche and network. You won’t be able to spam the link of your Youtube video but after being around for a while you will be able to share a link every now and then without landing up in the dog box.

Chat with other Youtubers on their channel and you will be surprised to see how many visit your channel and share your videos.

Market Youtube videos

9 Share Your Videos on Medium

Signing up on Medium is easy and you can share your videos on your own Medium blog. If you have your own WordPress blog you could even add the Medium plugin to your website which will cross post your articles, with your Youtube videos embedded over to your Medium blog without you having to do a thing.

10 Add New Videos Regularly

Adding new videos and promoting them will help to get your channel more visibility and will keep bringing fresh content to your viewers. This will without a doubt help you to build the strength of your channel and in turn increase views to all your videos.


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