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10 Super Things I Love About Wealthy Affiliate

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I’ve been a Premium member Wealthy Affiliate now for close on 3 years and the value of this platform just keeps getting better over time. I have had many people ask me how long I plan to be with Wealthy Affiliate and the answer is that I don’t have plans to leave any time soon. The Wealthy Affiliate benefits are many.

I know that a lot of people say that they have learned all they can from Wealthy Affiliate so they leave but this just does not make sense to me considering the fact that there is more to Wealthy Affiliate than training plus there is always new training added to Wealthy Affiliate so there is always something new to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free account which have many benefits and there is no time limit – you can stay a free Starter member forever – however this article is focused around some of the benefits I love of being a paid Premium member.

Yes I agree Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, but for me it is a perfect fit and these are my reasons why:

  1. Top Notch Training

The training is absolutely outstanding and there is so much of it that I am still finding new things to learn every day. In addition to this there is constantly new training added to the platform. I love the weekly live Webinars every Friday, although I have never actually taken part in the live Webinar due to the fact that it actually takes place at about 3am my time. Each live webinar is then added to the training base soon after it has taken place and I love them.

Whenever I am struggling to do something on my website the first place I go to is Wealthy Affiliate to find a training video to guide me through it.

I won’t go too much into the training aspect now since I have already written an article about the amazing training offered at Wealthy Affiliate – I will just say that you will learn step by step how to set up your own website, how to get traffic and how to make money from your website.

If you are blogging and not making any money from it, or perhaps you are new to blogging and want to learn how to get started and make money this is definitely something that you need to look into.

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  1. Social Interaction and Member Support

Facebook has run it’s course with me. I used to love Facebook, but lately I dread going onto Facebook, it is so full of spam, scams, fake news and BS. The interactions are mostly very shallow and I find that while I used to be able to connect with my family and friends on Facebook things are just so convoluted there now.

I would rather stay connected with my loved ones via Skype or Whatsapp now.

Wealthy Affiliate is so different – the majority of the members there have similar mindsets to me. We share our knowledge, we support each other in our business goals and yes I also make friends there too.

For me Wealthy Affiliate is my new Facebook. I would much rather spend my day hanging out in live chat or interacting with members on WA than on any other social network.

  1. Excellent Customer Support

When I have a technical issue with one of my websites I just contact WA support and within minutes I have assistance. I have never been let down once by their support team! Very often I have discussed an issue I have had with the owners themselves and they are down to earth and always willing to help me with any issues I have. Big time thumbs up, its not often you get that kind of customer service!

  1. Free Keyword Tool

If you work online you need to know that keyword research is absolutely vital for getting organic traffic to your website. In order to do keyword research you need a powerful keyword tool that gives you the information you need for search terms. Wealthy Affiliate includes the Jaaxy Lite keyword research tool with their Premium membership – the value of this alone has already covered your Premium membership!

  1. Free Hosting

I can host up to 10 websites at Wealthy Affiliate for free. The hosting is top notch, reliable and secure. If you have a number of websites then the value of this free hosting on its own has already covered your Premium membership fee.

  1. Buy Domains

You can buy your domain names at Wealthy Affiliate which is super useful so that you can keep everything in one place.

  1. Free SSL Certificates

I can activate security certificates on my websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate at the touch of a button – and for FREE. This is a wonderful feature that not only saves me loads of money but it also saves me the time and effort it takes to sort this out.

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  1. Awesome Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has a brilliant affiliate program that offers a lifetime cookie – which means that if someone clicks today on your WA affiliate link but only signs up and goes Premium in 10 years time that is your referral.

You will earn commission every single month for all Premium referrals as long as they stay a paid member.

You earn a generous $23.50 per month for all Premium referrals when they pay the full monthly fee of $49 per month. You will earn $8 for the first month your referrals signs up if they go Premium within the first 7 days of signing up and pay $19 for their first month.

There is also a yearly account and if your signup goes yearly you will earn $235 for each year your referral is a Premium member with WA.

You also get paid $1 for Starter (free) members adding a profile picture and profile description (if your conversion rate is higher than 5%). Plus you also earn $1 for each domain that your referrals purchase.

There is an Affiliate Bootcamp course offered at Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You can also create training and publish blogs on the Wealthy Affiliate website. If anyone finds Wealthy Affiliate through your blogs or training at Wealthy Affiliate that referral goes to you.

This makes it worth your while to be active on their website!

I went yearly with Wealthy Affiliate with the Black Friday special which cost me $299 which works out to just under $25 a month. Yes it was a bit of an expense at the time but I have a number of Premium referrals to Wealthy Affiliate which more than covers my membership fees and makes me some extra income over and beyond that expense each month.

I don’t think WA is continuing with their amazing Black Friday special any longer which is a great pity, however I am now locked in at that price which is brilliant!

  1. Get Paid To Create Training

Like mentioned above it is worth your while creating training on Wealthy Affiliate because it can gain you referrals but in addition to that you can also earn money for publishing training.

When you first publish training it is level 1 and as more members view, comment on and like your training it can move up to the next level. Each time your training moves up a level you get paid $5. This means over time you can build up an additional source of residual income.

You do have to be a member for longer than 3 months before you can create training.

  1. All Expenses Paid Las Vegas Trip For Super Affiliates

Talk about a super cool incentive to be a super affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate? If you refer over 300 Premium referrals in one year you get to go to the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference! This is an all expenses paid trip where you get to meet the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and spend some time with all the other super affiliates.

I love each year reading the blog posts by the members that attended the Las Vegas Conference, it is inspiring and motivates me to work harder.

One day I will make it to this trip I am sure but currently my focus is my parenting website. I will make this my goal one day simply because it will push me to new heights and I would love to be able to spend time with so many amazing entrepreneurs and online marketers.

Read about Vegas 2017 and Vegas 2018.

Sign up here for Wealthy Affiliate – it would be silly not to!

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