10 Secrets for Online Success: FREE eBook with give away rights

I have just published my first eBook, 10 Secrets for Online Success and it has been an amazing experience which I want to share with you.

I suppose you might be wondering why I decided to write an eBook? Great question and I am so excited to share this with you. So I have started focusing on email marketing which is an avenue I have not really spent much time on. I have a lot to learn still and I will be sharing everything with you as I go.

So there is a very good reason you want to start email marketing, but I won’t go into that here, you can read about that in a previous article I recently wrote: Why Email Marketing is So Important. Read that quickly and then we can go on with this topic. Done?

How to Build Your List?

The first step is of course to build your list, you need to get people to give you their email address. It is not so easy of course. Trust me on this, if you just have a subscribe form that has nothing to offer your readers they won’t be that keen to sign up will they?

So the first step is to offer them something great. A free eBook is a great way to get subscribers to sign up. I did some research and there are ways to get eBooks that have give away rights. I searched for where to find free eBooks give away rights. I downloaded loads of these, searching for an eBook that I liked and that was nice and professional. ย I can’t bear the thought of someone signing up to my newsletter and getting a shoddy eBook!

I spent about 3 weeks on my search and I have to admit, I got very irritated and frustrated.

Why did I write my own eBook?

The end result of this experiment was that I was tired of searching through rubbish to find something even remotely worthwhile. I turned my thoughts to writing my own eBook and this was a daunting thought,

Let me just explain to you quickly the three reasons why I decide to write my own eBook:

  1. I wanted a professional looking and good eBook to give away on my website.
  2. I want to create trust and authority for me, not for another author.
  3. I want to be able to direct readers to my website and my links, not to someone else’s!

So I stopped my search for an eBook with give away rights and instead I started researching how to write my own eBook. I am not sure what you think but I think I did quite a good job! Please give me some feedback in the comments so I know what you think, after all I wrote it just for you.

10 secrets for online success

What did writing an eBook do for me?

Firstly I’ve gotten some feedback from some people and I am quite chuffed. They liked my book! This has given me more confidence within myself.

But here are some of the concrete things it has done for me already:

  1. Since I added my free eBook to my subscribe form I am getting subscribers at triple the rate I was before.
  2. I have had people in the industry contact me and ask to link to my website (yes I feel like a celebrity)
  3. I have had people in the industry ask me if they can have give away rights! Oh my gosh, I’m flattered and YES!
  4. I have the confidence to start writing more eBooks to give away and to sell too.
  5. I have had more referrals on my website since I published my eBook
  6. I have had readers contact me directly and chat to me. Someone even phoned me!

Would you like my eBook to give away on your website?

Yes take it and use it with pleasure! I only ask that you remember that it is my eBook so don’t change it and don’t copy my work please. Other than that have fun and use it to your advantage!

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So what is my plan now?

Well my goal here is to help you make money. How do I plan to do this? I am going to take everything I have learned from this experiment and help you do the same. I am busy writing an eBook on how to write an eBook.

As soon as I have published that I will give it to you, it will also include some templates. I’m not sure about you, but that is where I got most stuck and I had to get a lot of help with that so I will provide you with some templates to get your started!

I am also busy with an eBook that is called 10 Steps to Online Success which is a follow up to the free eBook 10 Secrets for Online Success. This will take you step by step how to start your online business and what to do when.

What do I suggest you do?

Take my eBook and use it on your website to get subscribers! If your online searches for free eBooks with give away rights came up with the same things I found you will love my eBook.

The next thing I suggest you do is get started right now with your own eBook. It is not an easy task at all, but trust me on this it is worth every minute of your time and effort.

For now using my eBook will benefit me and it will benefit you. You will have a quality eBook to give away on your website, so you will get more subscribers. I will benefit by my name gaining trust and authority. However long term this is only a win for me right? For exactly the same reasons I wrote my own eBook I suggest you too write your own.

And if you subscribed to my newsletter before I published this eBook please reply to the email when you get this blog broadcast and I will happily send it to you!

Please let me know what you think of my eBook and if you enjoyed this post by leaving a comment, I really do appreciate your feedback!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Lynne,

    These are some awesome results! I definitively love your generosity for giving your eBook to others to use on their sites.

    I have though there are too many eBooks giveaways out there it can get boring but what you’ve said made me realize it’s not all the case.

    Thanks so much, I’d love to hear more about how you came up with this book and how you wrote it.

    P.S. Gonna grab a copy myself!

    • Hi Anh

      Thanks for your feedback, nope they are not all the same! The ones that I found being given away looked terrible. Before I even read the first line of each book I was put off by how bad it looked. Not a very good first impression at all.

      I can’t wait to bring all that out, once again though I need more time in my day to get these things done! I hope to bring it out soon.

  2. Lynne you are so great and above all for your generous heart to give out your e-book for marketing to other online marketers not easy for others to do what you have done.

    Now I am interested also to have your e-book on my website too. Now how can I get it too

    Thanks Divican Tochi

    • Hi Divican, thank you for your kind words. Getting my eBook is easy, just subscribe and you will receive it via email. I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to come and give me some feedback on it.

  3. You wrote an interesting article that’s exciting to read and understand. I’ve heard people suggested giving away e-Books. But I have not heard about writing own e-Books, and to include them as incentive for when subscribing to email.

    That’s amazing you’re having so much success already, and how you’re willing to share helpful tips so that other people can benefit from this opportunity.

    • HiTina, it is a pleasure. It truly has been a great learning experience. I also only heard about giving them away, it’s only when I investigated further did it occur to me to write my own. I hope this helps you!

  4. I have been working on my own eBook to offer on my website for getting out of debt, saving money, and making extra money. It was really beneficial for me to read about your experiences. I appreciate you sharing your unique insights! I am definitely looking forward to your book on how to write an eBook. =)


    • Hi Jess, that is great. Let me know when it is out, I would love to read it! I hope it is going well?

  5. Hey Lynne

    Great Ebook! Definitely worth the read!

    I liked your realistic approach to making money online. So many people come into the industry expecting to get rich over night. With some dedication and hard work, I have to agree with your estimate of 6 – 12 months to turn a profit.

    The beauty of it is, once you find that momentum, it just keeps growing and growing!

    Looking forward to seeing more!


    Marc Parsons

    • Hi Marc, so glad you grabbed my eBook and you enjoyed it! I’m pleased you liked the approach, I am so tiered of unrealistic expectations and tall promises that online marketing “gurus” are throwing out there.

  6. Hello Lynne,

    This is a great idea to write an ebook as a free giveaway. Do you think it would work in other niche’s as well? As an example I am in the tech niche and from what you have said I am excited to try it out with my own website. Another question I have is have you tried selling any ebooks on kindle publishing yet? I have heard you can do pretty well there too.


    • Hi Anthony, you sound like me.. jumping ahead! Yes I am sure it will work in any niche, but you don’t have to offer an eBook, any sort of digital product will work well. As long as someone can download it you can use it, so get creative here! An eBook is great in that is establishes you as an authority figure in your niche.

      I have 3 other websites and I am busy working on things to give away there too. For my addiction website I am working on an eBook, about my personal experiences as an addict. I am planning on writing lots of eBooks for that niche to sell online.

      Then for my retail baby store I am busy designing downloadable products, one will be for free to gain subscribers and the rest for selling.

      I am also working on an eBook for my wholesale baby store which will be to give away to subscribers.

      From what I can understand an eBook for Kindle is a slightly different format than a pdf, and yes I plan on moving in that direction too!

      I honestly think the sky is the limit here Anthony. You can go as far as your creativity and hard work allows you…. the only thing holding you back is yourself. So get cracking and write your first eBook, I promise you it is a real rush and such a good feeling!

  7. Hi Lynne, this is a great post.

    You’re absolutely right, people won’t subscribe unless they are receiving something a little different from you – for free. eBooks seem really big at the moment.

    Does it cost you anything to produce an eBook, other than time? Is it achievable to do it entirely yourself?


    • Hi Sammi, yes it is great to be able to offer something to your subscribers. It took me quite a long time to get my eBook done, but it didn’t cost me anything. I had someone I know help me with the design aspects because I am terrible at that!

  8. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for the free ebook and your inspiring story of how you came to writing your book. As vast as the information online is, it’s amazing how little you find when looking for something specific. I would like to make money online, although not by email marketing. I still would love to read your book. I’m sure it has some basic principles we all need online.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Juliet

      Thanks for subscribing! Yes and most of the things you find online are scams anyway. It is very disheartening.

      The eBook is not about email marketing at all, it is only what is needed to become a success online. A no nonsense guide. You can choose to make money online in any way you choose, these principles stay the same.

      I will be writing an eBook soon on 10 Steps to Online Success which will take you through on how to start your online business. It will include email marketing as this is an important aspect of online marketing but it won’t be the main focus of the eBook!

  9. Good to know you wrote your own ebook. My congratulations! I agree that it’s quite a new experience and you now will be closer to becoming an authority in your niche. Many internet marketers use this method in order to get more subscribers. I don’t have any experience in this field and can’t give you any recommendations, but I can share with you something I learned from a very experienced internet marketer, Stuart Walker from nichehacks dot com. He has a very good experience in email marketing and he says that those who subscribe through a free ebook offer won’t be responsive subscribers to your future paid offers because they are mostly freebie seekers. This is just his opinion based on his experience. This is just an info for you to test and try and see how it works. My best wishes.

    • Hi Rufat

      Thanks for popping in again and always great to hear what you have to say. Yes I have heard a few mixed things about giving a free eBook away and some of them have been that you won’t have great quality subscribers. But from the research I did it seems giving away an eBook is a great way to gain subscribers and so far it is working very well for me.

      I will be keeping an eye on and sharing about my experiences.

  10. Hi Lynne! I enjoyed this post and found it quite interesting as a budding mompreneur. I also read your post on why building an email subscriber list is so important, and I hope to get there eventually. With my demanding schedule, my challenge has been publishing content on a regular basis.

    You certainly have me brainstorming my own ideas for an eBook, but I think I have to figure out who and where my followers are first! Any tips on how to do that?

    I look forward to reading more about your successes.

    • Hi Carmen, I know the challenge you have! I have 4 websites and 2 young kids. It is not easy getting content up on a regular basis. However an email list can ensure the readers you have today come back tomorrow!

      I read something really good about how to start writing an eBook for your audience. Literally make up a person based on your niche. I see your website is twins, so let’s say it is moms that have twin babies (as opposed to teenagers)… hmmm so most often twins are born to older moms. So let’s make our mom 39 years old, she has biological twin boys that are 10 months old. She is a stay at home mom.

      So think about a topic for an eBook that would be something she wants to hear about, something that will solve a problem for her. When you write keep this specific persona in mind at all times, like you are talking directly to her.

      Also you don’t have to write an eBook to entice readers to subscribe, it can be any downloadable product! If your readers are mommies the sky is the limit to the digital products you can have made up and give away! Design printable birthday invites for example! Get creative and be different ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Lynne,
    I’m so impress you wrote your own ebook! Congratulations! It prove you are engaged and passionated!

  12. I read the article about getting your free e book and writing one of my own. I do not see where I take advantage of your offer. I would like to get a copy of your ebook and I would like to give it a way on my website.
    You have done a good job bringing attention to what a give a way will do for growing a list.
    I will say that I want your book please send me the link.
    Overall, good article.

  13. Hi Lynne,

    This is so amazingly inspiring! I’ve been thinking of writing my own eBook for quite some time, but I’ve never felt confident enough to actually give it a try. Now I think I do – all thanks to you and your post!

    The thing i am a bit worried about, though, is how to design a good cover for it – did you do it yourself, did you hire someone to do it, or is there actually some other way?

    Thank you in advance!

    • hi Dmitriy, I am so glad this post could motivate you to write your own eBook!

      I can’t design at all, I just got someone on Fiverr to do it for me. I did see some posts online about how to design your own cover for free, but I know this will not work for me, I am sure I will get so frustrated and irritated and give up!

  14. Lynn, really nice piece. As some of your reviews said, wow, what a lot of good work you’ve put in. My curiosity is how you handle the mechanics of this, meaning storing names and emails, stetting up having the email verified, and sending the book automatically. Are you using a service? I’ve looked at those but didn’t feel I’m quite ready for that yet. I need more visitors before I start trying to capture emails. Your explanation of motives and intentions make a hugely solid case for trust!

    • Hi Martin, I am currently using Aweber which I am loving, but of course this is a paid service. If you are happy to pay for a great service I highly recommend Aweber. If you are not wanting to pay yet to build a list you can use Mailchimp and when you are ready for more features and willing to invest some money into it then you can change to Aweber or another service that offers more.

  15. Hi Lynne,
    Your words have truly spoken to me. I have never really thought of writing my own ebook before and If i did it would be because of this article of yours. It really is amazing how you became a well known marketer and everything through this whole process of creating an ebook for us! I signed up so just waiting on the email and such haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Billy

      Thanks for your feedback, yes you must write an eBook! It really is exciting and fun, it will benefit you greatly no matter what niche you are in. Enjoy my eBook and please give me some feedback once you have read it.

  16. I am definitely going to sign up for your ebook. It sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to read it.

    I have to say, I love your honesty, I can tell from reading your article that you are genuinely out to help and that you don’t see yourself as some marketing guru who knows everything. I like that.

    I’ll let you know what I think, but I’m sure it will be a great read. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Thanks Ruth! No I am definitely not an internet marketing guru lol. I know some good stuff and I am happy to share it, I learn as I go along and as I learn I share. I look forward to the feedback.

  17. Good content on the basics of email marketing. It will be very useful to someone who are aiming to do affiliate marketing and thinking of starting an online business. I would also wish that the ebook you are offering will be of quality content that will teach us about how to earn money online using our own website. I personally dont have much experience in email marketing and iam thinking of learning now.

    • Hi Sundar

      I really suggest you do look into email marketing as soon as possible, I am learning as I go and the more I do the more I kick myself I didn’t start sooner!

  18. Lynn,

    Love your ebook, a good read and very nice to look at.

    Great idea giving it away to let others use as well.

    Has this changed your focus going forward?

    Are you now looking to create more ebooks and build email lists more so than creating web content aimed at getting search engine visitors?

    Thanks for your help in sharing your experiences.


    • Hi Richard

      That is a great question. I am planning on writing a lot more eBooks for all my niches, this is my first one and it was a great experience.

      I’ve never really put much effort or focus into building my lists or email marketing until recently and now that I have started I can really see the value of email marketing. I’m kicking myself that I never started putting more energy into it sooner.

      Organic traffic is still a large focus, but this goes hand in hand with my email marketing really. The best way to get organic traffic is to put the focus on getting quality content up regularly on my websites… I have set up my email marketing so that I have a blog roll broadcast. Every time a new post comes out it gets sent automatically to my subscribers.

      I have also set up a series of newsletters, adding new content gives me an opportunity to add a new newsletter onto my series and send future subscribers to my website.

      So really it is all interlinked ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi Lynne,
    What a good thing you did publishing your e-book and giving it away! You have made me understand that nothing is ever too hard if we put our determination to it and refuse to give up. I especially like the dramatic results it has already brought your way- triple the visitors and increased referrals. That’s quite impressive! You actually will get more given back to you than you gave out in the book.

  20. Lynne:

    Congratulations on “cracking the code” by not just writing an ebook, but then offering it for others to use on their sites! That is tremendously generous, as well as brilliant. You clearly understand your audience well and you get the importance of building a community. I will be downloading my copy soon. Best of Luck!

    • Hi Ruth

      It is a pleasure, I mean you can see it will benefit me hugely if you make use of my eBook to give away on your website ๐Ÿ™‚ So it is not all about being nice and generous! It really is a win win until you can write your own.

  21. Very well-written article!

    I actually don’t have an option on my website for people to subscribe, but after reading your article I think I may just put one in, with an offer to receive a free newsletter with exclusive content, or something, at least so guests that arrive will know whenever I post something and can visit if they’re interested.

    Speaking of subscribing, I subscribed, haha, I can’t turn my nose up at a free offer!

    • Hi Connor, oh you must set that up! I am loving getting started with email marketing, it really is exciting. I will be writing a post soon on how to get started with email marketing, so look out for that. Click here to read why email marketing is so important and I am sure you will be sitting up all night getting it going now!

  22. Hi Lynne,

    It’s very nice to hear about your e-book, 10 secrets for online success. From reading your post and information here, it seems that your ebook will be packed full of very helpful and comprehensive information on the topics of creating a website, marketing it, building an email list and more. I have been thinking of building an email subscription list and also marketing an e-book relating to my niche. I can see how much of a positive factor it can be for me and my readers.

    Thank you for your post and for offering your book to others to giveaway on their site. I think it’s a very nice jesture.

    • Hi Debra
      Thank you for your kind words. Actually the 10 Secrets for Online Success are just some basics things you need to know in order to make it online. I am busy working on my next eBook, 10 Steps to Online Success which will be a step by step guide on how to build your online business successfully. I am hoping to bring it out early 2016.

      For your niche you could also consider bringing out other downloadable products too, such as pregnancy calenders and beautiful little signs to hold up to take pics of your belly, you know like 3 months, 9 months etc. The sky is the limit here! Some you can give away for free to get subscribers and also to just give value to your readers, some you can sell and add to your income ๐Ÿ™‚

      This is something I am busy with for my baby store, also going to be getting this on the go early 2016. It is going to be an exciting year!

  23. Lynne, based on all the feedback and comments on this article it’s a huge success. Thank you for all the information you have provided your readers.
    I am going to start writing my own ebook but until then I will be using your ebook on my email marketing campaigns as a free gift.
    Thank you for being so generous and sharing.

    • It is a pleasure Robert and as you can see from my post it will benefit me too. I really look forward to seeing your eBook come out! I am hoping to get another eBook and some posts out soon on how to write an eBook. Just need to get through the festive season in one piece first!

  24. Congratulations on your first eBook! wow, what an achievement. I admire your hard work and dedication!

    I have been wondering how this Email Marketing thing works for quite a while. This post and your other posts on the topic really convinced me that I need to start thinking about this seriously. You recommended getting started as soon as possible. Do you think Email Marketing is worth the effort and time while your website does not have much traffic yet? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Meanwhile, I will sign up for your free eBook. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cannot wait to read it! Take care and Thank you Lynne!

    • Hi Yuko
      Yes I do think you should get started as soon as possible! The thing is that as soon as you do have traffic if you have no way to capture all those leads you are losing out. It may only be a small amount of traffic to start but you will be able to keep bringing back some of those visitors over and over again.
      Let me know how you enjoy the eBook! If you are giving it away on your website and need the graphics just reply to one of my newsletters and I will happily send it to you.

  25. Hello again Lynne,

    I finished your eBook and am totally amazed by the quality of the content and organization. If I had read this eBook as a complete novice, I would have a very clear picture as to what I need to invest, what mindset I need to possess, and what I will be doing in order to become a successful online marketer. Great book!!

    I also liked the layout of your eBook. Compared to other eBooks I have read in the past, the design of your book is quite concise and I could absorb lots of information at once without scrolling down. (I always use my iPad to read eBooks)

    It is very generous of you to have your eBook available to all of us. If I decide to give away your book on my website, I will contact you for the graphics. Thank you again. You are my inspiration!

    Yuko ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Yuko
      Thank you for the feedback, I am so pleased you enjoyed the eBook. Yes I tried to make it easy to read without having to scroll to read the rest of a page, that drives me crazy!

      I hope to be bringing out plenty more eBooks soon, I’ll let you know via newsletter when that happens.

  26. When I used these ebook giveaways to my Website every time I open my email has a new subscriber. Its really great idea Lynne and thank you for sharing this it helps me a lot to understand the importances of simple very useful thing.

  27. Hi Lynne

    You just gave me a great idea. I am also thinking about creating something for my readers. It is very important to market yourself to them in a way so that they can benefit.

    I am thinking about creating exclusive training videos to my referrals to help them avoid the most common mistakes that newbies make.

    • Hi Viljoen

      Oh yes that would be a great idea! I find videos are a lot more interactive and easy for people to follow. I know I find videos a great way to do training, things seem to sink in easier.

      I’ve also done a couple of Youtube videos and the difference it made to those posts was incredible.

      You do need to find a way to give your readers great value and I think your idea is great.

      Plus the feedback I have gotten from my Youtube viewers is that the South African accent is great, so you have something working in your favor already!

  28. I love the idea of collecting some good quality advice in a e-book. Yourร‚ยดs looks great! What tools did you use to create it? I have written a few books based on my pages content with Papyrus, and they turn out great as well : ) Have you tried that one?

    • Thanks Jenni

      I haven’t used any tools to create it. I just did mine as a word doc and then converted it to a pdf ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to be sharing some word templates at some stage along with an eBook on how to write your eBook. I hope this will help others to get started with writing their own eBooks. I’ll have a look at Papyrus though. I am always keen to check out new tools and see what I can share with my readers.

  29. Hello Lynne,

    I can see your experience shining through with this post really excellent wording and insight.

    I started an ebook a few weeks ago I say started I have the title.

    I am in Aweber been in it for a couple of years when I was in another company Scam crap, I spent thousands on solo ads and other ads, to be told don`t get their first names you will get much less just ask for email addresses.

    Which I did so I have a dormant old list with about 1200 email addresses no names, there probably will be a lot of false email addresses in there too I reckon. I am paying $5 a month to keep it active which really isn`t no hardship.

    I am going to read your book because I am an avid reader of good information.

    I think you will go a very long way and all the best for a great life.


    • Thanks Lou! I also found starting out writing my eBook very hard. I had the title and couldn’t seem to get everything else written for a long time. I got a tip from someone, he said write a page a day until it is finished. This made it so much easier to do, when I was thinking about writing a whole book every time I sat down to write I got overwhelmed. When I knew I was just writing a page it was much easier to do.

  30. WOW Lynne, I am so impressed with this process. It is totally inspiring. I am looking forward to receiving my copy of your eBook. This is a process that most of us WISH we could do

    I am looking forward to following your journey with this.

  31. Thanks for such a good article. You are doing well. Please pray for my success.

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