10 Reasons Why Web Design is Critical to the Success of Digital Marketing Strategies

While creating a marketing strategy, digital marketers invest a great deal of their time and resources to come up with excellent web designs. They pay special attention to every small detail like the color, layout, and other factors to look as much appealing as possible. Reason being, responsive web design is a recipe to reap maximum ROI.

Still wondering why marketers give everything to map out excellent web designs? Here are the top 10 reasons for that:

10 Reasons Why Web Design is Critical to the Success of Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. The first impression is essential

Humans are judgmental by nature. Whatever we see, we tend to build an instant opinion about it – either negative or positive.  Same goes for a website; the design is the first thing we notice about a website and, more often than not, jump to the conclusion. In other words, the design of your website usually triggers the first impression.

Statistically speaking, users take about 0.05 seconds to form an impression of a website. If a web design fails to impress visitors in these 50 milliseconds, you have probably lost them forever.

  1. It enhances trust

Bringing traffic is smooth but retaining it is very tough. You need loyal customers to uplift your brand. That’s where confidence comes into play. Indeed, people don’t trust the businesses much which don’t have their website. But they also don’t believe a site with poor web design. Because it reflects their unprofessionalism. Research also confirms this claim.

No doubt, people are doing businesses on the internet. However, in the back of their mind, people are also aware of the pitfalls of the internet. Given the growing problem of scams, they know that the internet could be a scary place. Good web design can put all such doubts of consumers to rest.

  1. Key to promote brand

Unlike people mistakenly assume, mere quality products can’t increase the pool of buyers. We are living in the age of millennialism. It is not easy to influence them unless your brand has a larger than life image. They would like to see your online presence before indulging in purchase with you. Millennials are so tech-savvy that they can spot an unprofessional web design in a flash. Naturally, if your website falls short of moving them, they will remove your brand name from their purchasing list.

Features like fonts, colors, and layouts play a vital role to create brand consistency. Responsive web design will convey your brand’s message in a meaningful way. Visitors tend to get good vibes when they see a similar design on every page, which is the hallmark of good design.

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  1. Increases mobile traffic

Mobile traffic generates 2 of every 3 minutes spent online. These numbers indicate that you can attract a lot of traffic by a decent design which equally is responsive to mobile. Mainly, if your business is keen to appeal to the millennials, then web design can make or break for you.

  1. Easier to quantify the results

No marketer can deny the importance of analytics. Tracking a website’s performance simplifies a lot of things for them. Based on the analytics report, they can reshape or continue with their marketing tactics accordingly. Again, your web design comes handy to measure the success of your marketing promotions.

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  1. Results in better SEO

Who does not crave for better SEO? Let’s face it; we leave no stone unturned to get a better ranking in the world of Google or other search engines for that matter. Although many marketers are aloof of the fact that web design also has a say in the SEO process to a certain extent.

Many website designs can influence the way you publish your content, which is how engine algorithms index crawl your website. In simple terms, if your codes are more SEO-friendly, then search engine spiders will make sure you rank higher.

Undoubtedly, SEO is one thing we all don’t want to compromise. So, if needed, you should also consider hiring a web design agency like Newport Oakes – digital marketing

  1. Boosts social sharing

In recent years, social media has turned into a hot market for businesses. Regardless of your niche or products, you can find all kinds of the audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and suchlike. Given the number of people actively using social media, everyone wants to make their content viral there.

Guess what, if done correctly, web design can even increase the number of social shares for you. It is a well-documented fact that web designs having larger and colorful social media buttons account for more social shares.

  1. Your competitors are investing in the web designing

As they say, “when in Rome, do as Romans do.” A vast proportion of your competitors are already investing heavily on web designing. As many as near as 73% of the companies are infusing a considerable sum on the design.

They are not doing it for vanity. There must be substantial reasons why they are doing so. So you must follow suit otherwise you will nowhere to be seen in the competition.

  1. You get quality backlinks

It is another way to improve your search engine listing. We all know that Google rates backlinks from authoritative websites very highly. However, quality websites will be least likely to link to your website if your web design is not impactful.

If you are wondering why your high-quality content does not get more backlinks? Your outdated web design could be the reason.

  1. Faster webpages

At times, designers are inclined to use web designs with a lot of navigations. Not knowing that it ends up affecting the website speed in a negative way. Because too many options make it harder for the visitors to reach out to the required information at the earliest. On the other hand, simple web design tends to upscale the pace of your website. In the last analysis, website speed has much to do with the web design.


As you can conclude from the above discussion, web design influences digital marketing. In fact, to an extent, digital marketing strategies revolve around web design. Unless the web design is without any loophole, marketing can never accumulate desired goals.

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