10 Points: How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2018

A technological innovation that is expected to become the new normal in coming days is voice search which involves literally telling your device to look for a specific information. Companies like Google and Amazon are aggressively promoting this new feature through their voice assistant services in their physical and virtual products. This new development has the potential to affect businesses as they now have to think differently when it comes to optimizing for this kind of searching activity. Let’s take a look at how voice search will impact SEO in the near future.

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2018

1. Importance Of Featured Snippets

When a question is asked, the reply is read aloud from a snippet that was allowed to display on the relevant results page of the search engine and the source of information i.e the website is mentioned with a link being sent to the connected app on the user’s device. This makes it important to provide answers to specific questions in brief but descriptive format so that even though the website may not be positioned higher in SERP rankings, the solution to the query because of its appropriateness is featured on the page.

2. SEO For Local Searches

People usually ask their virtual assistants about services in their vicinity and this makes it essential for perfecting the optimization strategy for local searches. The importance of business listings like Google My Business becomes paramount in this regard and all the relevant data like contact details, business hours, phone numbers, map directions and photographs must be constantly updated. Optimize the listing by inserting keywords in the description and by encouraging clients to give reviews about your service on as many avenues as possible in addition to asking them to rate you on search engines.

3. Mobile Friendly Website Is A Must

Most of the searches of this nature are conducted by using a handheld mobile device meaning that investing in a responsive website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Once a user is impressed by the content of your snippet, he/she may decide to visit the portal for additional information and if the visual or navigational experience is not satisfactory, all the effort put in optimization will go in vain. Hire a competent WordPress developer for creating an amenity that loads quickly on any gadget and provides a fulfilling all-round experience to a visitor on any screen size.

4. Fast Loading Websites Will Rule

One of the crucial factors governing how voice search will impact SEO in days to come is the time taken by a webpage to load, especially on smart devices as majority of such operations are being conducted through them. Mobile phone users are usually less patient than desktop users and are prone to discarding a service that takes a long time to load and with page loading speed an element that is taken into consideration for ranking an entry of a search result, it becomes necessary to conduct an evaluation of the speed of the website.

5. Different Approach To Keyword Research

The customer with this new feature is using searches for more action – oriented queries instead of general information hunting which is forcing professionals to make changes to their methodology of keyword selection. An instance may make the point more clear, a user may not look for simply “XYZ phone” but instead type “ XYZ phone dealers near me” or “where to find best priced XYZ phones near me”. The emphasis shifts to specific long terms which also have to take into consideration the location as compared to earlier when short and brief keywords were sufficient for the purpose.

Online search using mobile sing

6. FAQ Page Becomes An Effective Tool

It is probably the most important aspect of any website that earlier was not given that much importance with regard to optimization. As more and more people start speaking into their gadgets for finding something, the questions and answers page becomes a very powerful tool which can give extremely fruitful results. The queries are mainly focused on getting information about something or finding directions or for completing a transaction and the questions of the FAQ section should be designed accordingly. Try to keep the composition of the enquiries as similar as possible to visitor questions for best optimization results.

7. Natural Speech Patterns Become Relevant

The character of a typed search enquiry is completely different from the conversational tone of a spoken one, necessitating its incorporation in the strategy for SEO. The content of the text being optimized also needs to reflect this change by less use of jargon filled terminology and instead creating compositions using simple and normal language. As the technology improves and the programming becomes increasingly error- free, the pertinence of these patterns will only grow.

8. Semantics Enter The Picture

The intent behind a particular search is of particular interest for search engines because they want to provide more accurate results and for a business to increase its engagement with a customer. Semantics are thought to be a vague notion when in fact they can be harnessed effectively by investing in solutions to the variations of a chosen question. This will lead to generation of some high quality and useful content which raises the credibility of the service and helps in its organic growth.

9. Secure Sites Fare Better

Security is a major concern not only for users but also for service providers and therefore search engines like Google try to provide safe websites with the HTTPS sign, in their findings that hint at a safe entity. It will be wise to acquire the tag for the online avenue of a business to make it a dependable and trustworthy entity for a search engine.

10. Authoritative Domains Rank Well

Last but not the least, the significance of backlinks from high quality sites becomes all the more emphasized in case of voice search. With only one featured result as compared to a list of SERP for typed queries, the search engine may be depending upon the reliability factor of domain authority to choose the most accurate option to present.


The question how voice search will impact SEO should be foremost in the mind of the professionals of the domain, as the increasing use of this technique will require the related optimization strategies to be modified accordingly.

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