10 Key Benefits of Using Digital Menu Boards for Your Business

The use of digitized menu boards offers restaurants a cost-effective and easy method of maximizing their efficiency and communication. With digital signage, businesses can create, manage, and even control their content in a manner that is most effective for them. If you are planning to adopt this new technology, here are a few benefits that you can get from digitalized menu boards.

10 Key Benefits Of Using Digital Menu Boards for your Business

  • Adhere to menu labeling laws

Laws and regulations require restaurants to show calorie counts of the meals that they offer. Using digitalized menu boards can help you to quickly and easily comply with menu labeling laws. This is because you can make changes that correspond to alterations in recipes, ingredients, and calorie counts. This means that you will not have to order new menus because you can make instant changes with what you already have.

  • Save time

Digital signage software tends to be quite flexible, allowing businesses to communicate their messages with the target audience when and where they require it. You can configure your menu displays to change as required at specific times of the day, specific days for menu specials or timely promotions. With digital signage applications, you can make menu changes that can be updated in all your restaurants in different locations.

  • Spend less

When you invest in digital signage for your restaurant, you do no not have to send regular menu changes or promotions to the printers. Your staff will not have to take down or replace old poster boards because menu changes can be made within minutes. You can use your digital displays to showcase your Facebook feeds and upcoming events, and show the right content at the right time.

  • Advertise specials and promotions

Most businesses offer seasonal specials and limited time offers. You can advertise meals that suit the season using digitalized menu boards. Updating your menu is easy and quick and you are able to remove items that are no longer available or do not suit the season you are in. You can also market any upcoming food items before they are available and remind guests to make their order whenever they become available.

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  • Use menu boards for upselling

A good image is worth more than a thousand words. Displaying your best food items on a visible, bright screen can help to entice your clients and convince them to make additional purchases. You can use your digital menu board to feature food items that are profitable, more expensive, or require additional marketing to sell.

  • Update availability and pricing quickly

Digital menu boards allow businesses to make instantaneous adjustments whenever necessary. You can easily feature new creations, sell out items, or showcase fresh ingredients that you are using on your meals. You can also update your menu within minutes to ensure that it is always up to date irrespective of the changes that come your way.

  • Eliminate printing and shipping costs

The benefit of use of digital menu bardsis that it can help you save money. Updating your hardcopy menus weekly, monthly, or seasonally means that you will have to pay your printer every time you want to make changes. However, digital menus can easily be updated without any cost. Furthermore, any typos and mistakes can easily and quickly be corrected. You will save money because you will not have to pay for additional printing or shipping costs whenever you make menu changes.

  • Decrease perceived wait time

Most customers do not like being stuck in a long queue as they wait to be served. Restaurants can use digital signage to distract their customers by showcasing promotional materials, fun facts, or trivia. You can use digital signs to keep your customers busy and prevent them from getting frustrated and leaving. Digitalized menu boards will reduce perceived waiting time as they will keep your customers engaged and encourage them to come back to your restaurant in the future.

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  • Manage your content anywhere

Using digital signage for your restaurant menu gives you the ability to configure, update, and even monitor your digital menus irrespective of where you are situated. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can make changes to your menu and get instant feedback. Furthermore, some menu boards can generate real-time sales reports, giving the restaurant owner a clear picture of how every store is doing with respect to their daily sales target.

  • Enhance customer experience

Digital signage boards will entertain your target customers. Digital signage outside your premises can draw customers who are just walking by. You can use customized menus to bring life to your meals using educative videos, enticing graphics, special listings, and other items that you want your clients to see.

A digital menu board will replace the traditional posters and signs that you use in your restaurant. Furthermore, it will help to give your customers a more realistic expectation of the food that you are offering and will draw people into your premises. With a digital menu, you will have better control over your customers’ eyes. You can use animated gifts and video to entertain and educate customers walking by or waiting in the restaurant.

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