10 Business Ideas For People Who Love Music

Are you planning on starting your career in the music industry? Do you also aim at making it big in this rather competitive space? Great. However, you ought to carefully evaluate your every step and plan towards this future which isn’t necessarily great for everyone. Many people enter this segment thinking of making it big in this space, however, there are only a few who truly succeed.

In order to succeed you should know this industry to its very core and based on the options available choose the career path which you think can make you the next superstar. To give you a head start we provide below top 10 business ideas which may help you establish your foot in this rather competitive industry.

10 Business ideas For People Who Love Music

  1. Set up a record label

If you wish to be a part of the music industry, being a singer isn’t the only way. If you have funds to invest or have the potential to raise capital, then you can probably start your own record label and help talented singers achieve success in their career. You can consider this as your contribution to the industry, where you help sponsor and help make stars and in return get a commission when they achieve success.

  1. Song Writer

If you have the required creativity, however, do lack the voice needed to make it big, being a songwriter is a profession you should try. People often are gifted singers; however, require others to write songs for them. You would be surprised to find the massive demand this industry has for songwriters, and the amount of money it is willing to pay for them.

Music L:over

  1. Booking Agent

Another profession which can help make you money is to be a booking agent. As a booking agent, you are required to reach out to stars and make required arrangements for the stars to perform at any show or event. This job may seem easy however sure isn’t. You will be needed to form links with stars as well as event organizers and you will be paid commission on every successful deal you finalize between the organizer and the music star.

  1. Disc Jockey

Another way for you to become a part of the music industry is to try your career as a DJ or Disc Jockey. You can play, transform, merge, edit, fuse music as per your liking and make the audiences dance to the foot tapping music you play.


  1. Band/Music Manager

If you are good at marketing as well as building relationships you can be a band manager or an individual artists’ manager. With band management you will be responsible for marketing, promoting and projecting an entire band which consists of numerous people. As an artist manager, you will be required to represent and market a single solo artist.

  1. Event Planner

One of the best ways to be a part of themusic industry is to be a concert or live music show organizer. As an event organizer, you will be required to handle everything from event planning to event promotion and to actually get the stars onboard. Ifdone right you can earn humongous amounts of profits from this business.

  1. Music Teacher

A viable way to earn money is to become a music instructor and teach people how to sing or play various musical instruments. You can have your own academy at a rented place or can setup training classes at your home and earn a regular handsome income by teaching people how to sing and play. You can buy affordable instruments at http://www.vinylvintage.net/studio-monitors/

Music Teacher

  1. Talent Hunter

The trend of organizing music competitions and talent hunt programs is one of the other business models which you can try. If you have the initial capital to invest you can earn a lot of money by organizing such competitions where you can reach out to sponsors and ask them to sponsor the event which is dedicated to finding the next singing star for the music teacher.

  1. Sound Engineer

One of the lesser-known professions in the music industry is that of a sound engineer. There is a great demand for sound engineers across theglobe and as a sound engineer, your job is to mix and match sounds to form great music. There is a thin line of difference between a sound engineer and a DJ, to know about it you can watch this video.

  1. Singer

The last and the most common way of entering the industry is to be a singer. Of course, this requires hours of practice, years of training and in the end a bit of luck to make it big as a singer.

So, these were the top 10 business ideas which you can try if you have a love for music. Of course, if you don’t wish to be a part of the music industry and simply want to enjoy music yourself.


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  1. Love this post! We are in the phase of re-working our business model to revolve around making money from music as our main objective. While we are already in several of a couple of these ventures, this helped remind us how important it is to find your own path–and not to give our power away–to succeed in something that makes us feel fulfilled. We are definitely sharing this post with our online artistic empowerment Facebook group.

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