Is Indufuels a Scam? Are serial scammers targeting SA?

I just received an email from someone in South Africa asking me to do an Indufuels review. I thought it would have to wait until next week but this website is so bad that I could evaluate it very quickly… so is Indufuels a scam? Yes for sure it is and I will run through it quickly with you to show you why. And also check out my review of Affiliate University of South Africa, because I really suspect it is the same person just coming up with another load of BS to hand to you!

Indufuels Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: R3 200 registration fee
Owner: Information hidden
Website: http://indufuels.com and http://www.affiliatecompanysa.com

Introduction: What is Indufuels and Affiliate Company SA?

Indufuels claims to be a South African company that specializes in providing green products, specifically Biofuel, tissues and toilet paper. For some strange reason they also have an opportunities to earn money through setting up Google Advertising accounts and email marketing. Does this not sounds strange to you? So they do green products… oh and let’s just throw in some Google stuff and email marketing too. To me this is just plain weird.

what is indufuels

The website was registered in April 2016 and all the owners information is hidden. Just take note that from their website there is just no links to a privacy policy or terms and conditions. In fact there is barely any information at all. You can find a form to fill in that says you must pay R3 200 to register. I filled in their form and I am hoping to have them send me an email soon so I can ask them a lot of questions.

I did the same with Affiliate University of SA and nobody ever came back to me. I think they didn’t like my questions!

The amount of money they claim you can make is just ridiculous… in your first month R50 000 a month and within 3 months R500 000 a month.

With the toilet paper opportunity they say they will provide the machinery to make the toilet paper, plus the materials AND the customer base. Then they have images at the bottom of their page showing their supposed clients. Have a look, they say Twin Saver is one of their clients.

This is just so funny you have to be laughing. So what they are implying here is that they make toilet paper for Twin Saver, one of the most well known and trusted brands. What they can’t keep up with making their own products now that YOU with no experience in the industry will be making toilet paper and selling it to Twin Saver.

Please go and read my article on how to avoid scams online and also the article I wrote on making money fast, easily and on autopilot.

The phone number and the address for their company is a virtual office in Joberg, and when I called them to say that this is possibly a scam they were very upset which is understandable so I told them to come and look at my website. Interesting to note that Affiliate University of South Africa was also running from a virtual office.

Affiliate Company SA loads up when you click on some of the Indufuels links, but you will only notice if you look at the address bar and the logo at the top of the page, otherwise they look the same. This makes me suspicious.

Watch my video while I run through all the problem areas of this so called great business opportunity.

Do you want to know what a REAL small online business opportunity looks like?

Who is Indufuels suitable for?

Nobody, this is without a doubt in my mind a scam. You will pay the R3 200 and never hear from them again.

Indufuels Pros and Cons


  • The idea of Green Products is lovely… whether there are actually any green products?? Well ummm….


  • Blatant scam
  • R3200 joining fee is just crazy
  • Not nearly enough information on their website
  • Confusions between Affiliate Company SA and Indufuels… what is going on here?
  • Very likely the same con artists that set up Affiliate University SA

Training/ Tools overview

There is nothing but hype on their website, there is no sign of any training or tools. I am pretty sure when you pay over R3 200 you will never hear from them again, never mind get any help with setting up a business.


I sincerely doubt there will be any support offered here. More like take your money and run.

Is Indufuels a Scam? Is Affiliate Company SA a Scam?

Everything about Indufuels and Affiliate Comapny SA screams of a scam. The worst part is that to me this doesn’t even look like a pyramid scheme where maybe you can make some money back if you jump in first and screw other people. I think this one they just take your money and you never hear anything from them ever again.

My Final Verdict for Indufuels and Affiliate Company SA

You know what I am going to say here right? Run for the hills. Stay far away from this.

From what I can see and what I suspect is that there is not even a shoddy product that you will get. Once they get your money chances are you will never hear from them ever again.

You don’t know who owns this company, you don’t know where they are because they are renting a virtual office space. They will most likely not even attempt to give you a product. The last thing you will ever hear from them is when they give you payment details.

Once again maybe I am wrong, this website has just launched. Maybe I am a complete cow that trashes new businesses like many of my readers suspect…. hey it’s your R3200 so if you want to give it a go by all means go ahead.

I think we have a serious serial scammer in South Africa trying to take us all for idiots!

And once you have done that please come back and let us all know what happened! I would love to get all the details. Unfortunately I am not prepared to hand over R3 200 of my money to test my theory.

What do you think? Is Indufuels a scam or do you think I am unfairly trashing a new business in it’s infancy?

Are you tired of being conned and having your time wasted?

Start a REAL online business here!

Are you looking for Biofuel in South Africa? Then please do yourself a favour and contact a real and legitimate supplier.

If you have any questions about Biofuels please contact Alexander Grobler from Innofes, a legitimate biofuels company. I have done some research on this company and I have been in personal contact with Alexander.

Indufuels Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: R3 200 registration fee
Owner: Information hidden
Website: http://indufuels.com and http://www.affiliatecompanysa.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Extortionate sign-up fee, dubious or non-existent product, little information on the owners. All this adds up to – classic scam!
    Thank you for exposing them and please continue the great work you do in preventing people from getting ripped off. It’s people like you helping to make the internet a safer place!

    • Thanks David!

      I just can’t believe how these people can just set up complete scams like this and get away with it.

      • Hi Lynne my name is sizwe I saw a franchise opportunities which sound to good to be true can you confirm if it’s for real or scam because it’s the same company affiliate this is the company Affiliate Group SA

  2. Good job Lynne. You have done well by exposing these thieves, just imagine how many people will sign up for these kind of business. Keep up the good work


    • Hi Olivia

      I hope nobody signs up, I mean Indufuels is a tacky website with no substance. I would need a lot more professionalism and information before I would part with R3200!

  3. It sounds to me that Indufuels is a scam alright. The confusion between Indufuels and Affiliate of SA and not enough info is a red flag right there. Thanks for the warning and I hope everyone stays away like you suggest.

    By the way, how much is R3200 in US dollars?

    • Hi Dinh

      Right now R3200 is equivalent to $204.70. Not an amount of money to just throw away lightly in my opinion. And yes everything on this website is a scam warning.

  4. If there were ever a poster child for scam sites, this is it. I feel you are right in trusting your instinct on this one. Thank you for laying out your conclusions in such a clear and concise manner. It really helps when you point out all the scammy details.

    • Hi Juan

      Yes this is one of the most blatant ones I have come across, making it so easy to review and warn people about it!

  5. Wow, good Scam catch! I am so glad that you didn’t wait to review this!
    I feel like there are many red flags to this scam right in front of your face, but people new to this industry may not know what to look for…I sure didn’t 6 months ago!

    Thanks Lynne!

    • Hi Nicole

      Oh I had to do it immediately when I saw what it was, so trashy and badly done that there wasn’t much to check out was there?

      Yes, like you say when you know what to look out for it becomes a lot easier.

  6. Great job exposing this website for the scam that they are. It does not make any sense that they would sell green products and marketing at the same time. How often do you think people fall for scams like this? I don’t think I would. Keep up the good work!

    • Well lots of people must fall for it, otherwise the scams would stop wouldn’t they?

      I just can’t understand it though why someone would fall for this, I suppose they want to believe it so badly they cant see what is right in front of their eyes. This website claims that within 3 months you can be earning R500 000 per month.

      I would also love for that to be true!

  7. Good review. I have never heard of this website and maybe never will. Yet it is always good to know what to look out for. So many people out to make a quick buck regardless of who they hurt.
    Keep up the good work; it benefits all of us who use the web

    • Hi John

      It is targeting South African’s only so if you aren’t here you probably won’t ever come across it. There is another very similar one I reviewed in January and I really think it is the same person.

      Very true, these scams all do the same thing… make promises of riches overnight and people so want to believe in that. I just wish everyone would investigate properly first.

  8. I cannot believe the lengths people will go to and the things they think up to scam people. Toilet paper? Really? That buy-in is crazy! Thank you for continuing to shine the light on these bogus money scams. I hate to think they make money off of people doing this!

    • Hi Heather

      LOL Yes it is so bad it is funny! I told my husband about how these people claim you will be selling toilet paper to Twin Saver probably the biggest toilet paper manufacturer. It is quite silly when you really think about it.

  9. I think your bang on with your opinion. No major company is going to deal with a brand new business that is going to have unqualified people produce their products.

    Just the fact that this is based in South Africa where they do not abide by the same rules and regulations as North America and Europe. I would take serious action to take a very thorough search all about any company when dealing internationally.

    Liked the screen shot on your other post when I followed the link for the Affiliate University of SA from checkpagerank. I use that website for research as well.

    • Hi Traivs

      Oh yes I am always checking out websites on checkpagerank, especially when they make such ridiculous claims.

      I’ve been continuing to research the link between Affiliate University of SA and Indufuels/ Affiliate Company SA and I have a name now… it is just what people are saying online so I will be researching more before I publish anything.

  10. Hi Lynne,
    Really what will people think of next all in the hopes of making money through fraudulent means.

    An opportunity for one to make money through the production of toilet paper is ridiculous. Whenever I have the opportunity to read and comment on your excellent reviews posted at your website, and when you discuss the costs involved in South African currency, I go to a site that allows me to convert it to U.S. dollars.

    So the price that you mentioned to sign up for this opportunity R 3200 converts to around $212.10 right now in the U.S. Anyone willing to fork over that amount of money to get involved in a business surrounding toilet paper needs to have his/her head examined.

    And the possibility to earn R50000 or $3,315 in the first month and up to R 500000 in 3 months – $33,150+ dollars is SCAM all capitalized!

    I also tried logging into that other site you mentioned being run by the same shady individual – affiliatecompanysa. The site was not recognized at all revealing a completely blank home page. Yeah, that site is on the up and up! Don’t think so.

    Please Lynne keep on doing what you’ve been doing so well lately. Helping to expose the fraud, bogus sites online that look to hook in unsuspecting people into opportunities in which they’d be throwing away their money.


    • Hi Jeff

      Thanks, it feels good to be able to help people and I really hope that some people read this before signing up!

      I have mixed feelings about doing all these reviews to be honest. What I really want to focus on is bringing out articles on online marketing… how to’s and training. I such a long list of things I want to share with my readers!

      But hey people are asking me to do these reviews so I will keep them coming when someone asks.

  11. Another good review.

    I might fall for this scam because:
    1. I’ll be given a machine to produce toilet paper.
    2. The toilet paper will be absorbed by major retailers.
    3. I want to have my own business

    Thank you for your kind review, revealing the true color for this scammer.

    • Hi Arief

      But hopefully you would have asked some questions before paying over a membership fee right?

      Yes I think that is exactly what they are doing, targeting people that want exactly that.

  12. Very good review Lynne !
    Hopefully you saved some folks from this scam ! It sure deoesn’t seem hard to find scams online !
    I enjoyed your video too !

    • Hi Mike

      It is a pleasure, these scams are plentiful which is really sad. I search for great opportunities online to share with my readers but all I find is rubbish :(

  13. Well, first of all, thank you for bringing these types of companies to our attention. If a company does not respond back to any questions asked regarding their company, then I would already treat it as a scam, provided enough time has been given to them to respond back within. Secondly, all companies should have information provided about them including Privacy Policy, If I were looking to join them and found out that no further information is provided, then I will automatically assume that its a scam and not even bother inquiring any further.

    You’re actually doing great service by exposing such companies thus cutting down on time spent by customers researching on such companies so when they do come across them, they can just skip them by.

    • Hi Sara

      Yes, those are huge red flags to look out for… but so many people don’t know what to look for and still fall for these things.

      I am hoping this scam doesn’t go too far. Thankfully I am ranking right on top for this post so anyone searching online for Indufuels should see this post!

  14. I also received this email. To tell you the truth I was tempted but something was not adding up when I read it. Thanks for the warning.

  15. Hi All,
    Just a warning about Indufuels and Affiliate Company. Neither of these companies are registered with CIPC…be wary.

    • Hi Aran

      I doubted they would be, it is not the sort of thing scam artists would bother with… but thanks for checking on that!

  16. this thing i had so many thoughts about it because indufuels is same as biofuels when you submit the information on becoming a vendor the is no response. even on the contacts info the is nothing appearing.
    i have called them trying to ask some questions from them the guy i spoke to had a Nigerian arc-cent which i believe that is one of them since they are good on conning people

  17. Hi
    I came across their website quite by chance. I was tempted until I checked who were the owners and what their physical address was. Neddles to say, I drew a blank. Strangely they do have a standard Bank account which makes me wonder what kind of criteria do our banks use to screen those who open accounts with them. I’m glad to have come across your blog since by now ALL my suspicions are proven right. Thanks for the good and noble work. Please keep it up .

  18. when you call them,they dont want you to know their offices ,even if you’re
    just around the coner

    • Hey Jacob

      I spoke to their “offices” it is a virtual office so they can have an address and everything but they rent it. They are a total scam and I told the people that run the virtual office about this scam and they were abit shocked to say the least. Stay away from them Jacob!

  19. Hi Lynne,
    The frustrating thing is I want to build a bio diesel plant on my farm which has a busy road through it and while researching came across these chops! If it was for real it would be ideal for my situation but I felt something was off so googled affiliate group scam bio diesel and sure enough its a blatent scam. Anyway if there is anyone serious with those kind of products please direct me to a proper business site for serious people. Regards Paul

    • It is disappointing isn’t it Paul? So many scams online and so few great opportunities and then when you do find something that looks promising you feel untrusting and nervous to try it out!

      I hope you find what you need Paul.

  20. Hi LYNNE

    I just came across this scam recently. now that i have read your research, i see it is a total scam though am a bit confused with ‘indufuels’ and ‘the affiliate group’ seems like its same people who reviewed your research and did corrections on them cause they do reply to e-mails,phone calls and are willing to meet you at their offices.
    I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED, am in a business of energy and recently started and when you see things like this one gets tricked.

    • Hi Samuel

      They have changed their details and the information on their website so many times that I just can’t keep up to be honest. I am totally sure that it is the same scam artists from Affiliate University of South Africa that I reviewed at the beginning of this year. They have also changed everything on their website all the time.

      I would stay far away from all of them, total scams.

  21. Lynne, you are a STAR!
    I saw this so called “biodiesel distribution business opportunity” on this website http://www.affiliategroupsa.com. I contacted Petroleum Industry Association and asked the legitimacy of this company, and they said they don’t know anything about them, they said I should check with Dept of Energy and see if they they are licensed with them or it’s just another scam. However, Dept of Energy hasn’t responded to my 2 emails I sent them. Next week I was planning to fly to Jhb to see these people and find out more about this “opportunity. But now that I see this blog, I’m staying away from them!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! You are a REAL STAR!

    • Hi Sphelele

      It is a pleasure to warn you all about this rubbish. From the feedback I have been receiving I am sure loads of people are coming across them. I just hope and pray that everyone takes due diligence like you have and look into them a bit closer. It won’t take much to realize there is absolutely nothing legitimate about them!

  22. I have to deal with daily phone calls enquiring if we are associated with them, we produce Biodiesel on a commercial scale in Johannesburg and we cater for bulk clients.. some of them have asked us to assist them in establishing distribution depots and through this demand we developed a turn key almost ‘franchise like’ depot and started advertising it. We DON’T ask money in advance, we build it.. you come and inspect it and we deliver it, then only do we invoice you but people are still reluctant. The value of the damage they do to the industry exceeds the cash lost by individuals who fall for these scams

    • Alexander I am so sorry to hear that these scam artists are causing damage to your company and your industry.

      Thanks for the chat today on the phone, it is amazing what you are doing with renewable resources and your company sounds incredible. So I urge anyone with any questions about Biodiesel and Biofuels to contact Alexander Grobler from Innofes directly!

    • Hi Alexander. Can you please tell me more about your industry & opportunities, I’m interested.


  23. Evening All,

    Lynne, this guy has been scamming people since 2009, funny his so young his only 28.

  24. Hi Lynne, I have been reading all these posts regarding Biofuels and I hope you have some info regarding Bio Fuel Venture.They are also a new company looking for biofuel distributors. We are looking into starting up a biofuel distribution centre and would appreciate it if you could look into this one as well.

    • No problem Bev, just beware there are so many scams out and this person has done multiple scams in South Africa. They all follow the same pattern as this one and Affiliate University SA.

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